Ange Vierge

Ange Vierge

Ange Vierge Episode 2 - The One I Admire

The blooming battle between Saya and the other Progress comes to an end, and the result drives a wedge between Saya and Amane.

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Starting Potential

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Episode 2

The One I Admire

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Etue Etue says

These anime are both based on games. Both are about teams of girls with superpowers that both have some issues powerwise compared to other teams of girls with superpowers and both fight to preserve their world. 

chii chii says

Girls with powers, saving their world all while trying to do school at the same time. Check em out if you enjoy these kind of things.

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Both anime consist out of a group of action girls surounding another non-action girl and focusses their little personal conflicts. While providing some action scenes. Fantasista Doll is the less fanservicey one while Ange Vierge is aimed at a more adult audience. But series have similar qualities in animation and story telling. 

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Both shows are about a bunch of girls who kick ass with their powers to save their world while doing school stuffs. Both shows you'll see a lot of bathing and blushing. Fans of one will likely enjoy the other.