Ange Vierge

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Ange Vierge

One day, out of the blue, the five worlds were linked together. Our blue world, Earth. The black world, ruled by night and magic, Darknes Embrace. The red world, protected by prayer and by the gods: Tera Rubily Aurora. The white world, managed by science and computers: System White Egma. The green world, governed by weapons and armies: Glynnesert. Meanwhile, in each of the worlds, there was an emergence of girls possessing special "Exceed" abilities. The girls would come to be known as the Progress. There, the girls would meet. The world is on the verge of doom. Only the Progress can save it.

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StoryAnge Vierge is a very simple and very dumb show about magical girls or mecha girls and their magical/mecha girls problems while they fight a ton and regularly provide fanservice. It's mostly focussed on personal problems which are somehow mostly resolved during fighting scenes. Most of their relationships are close to girls love and it's not so much subtext as just shown up front. The theme with their drama is generally trust/self-acceptance/friendship/misunderstandings but it's not handled as an extremey deep subject because like I wrote before this is factually not a very intelligent deep series at all. A simple stupid series from which you at most can derive simply stupid fun. Animation & SoundThe animation of this series is actualy better than you would expect from a show that seems to be a plae to the lowest denominator. The art and animation while simple at times is consistent and the girls all look cute and/or sexy in most scenes.  There is a variety of body types though the lean to extremes the body types are mostly consistent as well so characters are recognizable. The voice acting is simply solid but not ground breaking it's just like the animation simply better than you'd expect from a show which is this simple. The opening theme and background music is forgetable but gets the job done as well.Characters The characters are varied and many  have personal problems that can seem somewhat complex but always end up being quite simple to resolve. Most lean on misunderstandings between characters or simple dissatisfaction with oneself. Eitherway no matter how complex a characters problems are the resolutions are not ground breaking and that basically makes the characters simple as well. Though some might seem more multifaced most characters personalities are simple archtypes or evolve into simple archtypes that you would expect from a series that has this many characters. While somewhat lovable at times they are indeed not deep. OverallAnge Vierge is a typical anime that exists to follow set tropes and archtypes while taking a bit from what is popular at this time. It's a complex setup in the beginning but plays out in a generic predictable way. There's no real revolutionary changes from the formula's that it lended from and the anime is forgetable because of it. Still in it's simplicity there is relatively little harm. If you can stomach some drama and misunderstandings and like cute a few bathing scenes than this anime might be a worthwhile time waster if you have nothing better to do. But there are simply better things out there. This anime was made to promote  a card game, this does however not show in the series therefore is not relevant to the overall score. 

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