Ane Log

OVA (3 eps x 22 min)
2014 - 2015
2.916 out of 5 from 1,018 votes
Rank #16,026
Ane Log

Kids say the darndest things, and in Moyako's opinion, her brother says the strangest things of all! An innocent childhood declaration that he'd one day marry her has convinced Moyako that her brother will grow up to be a total perv, and now she reads the worst into their every interaction. Surely it's a big sister's job to rehabilitate her little brother, right? Only Moyako might not be up to the task, because she's the one turning otherwise innocent situations into perverted scenarios!

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Studio Brain’s Base’s 2014/2015 "Sister's Log: Moyako's Never-ending Monologue" is a bit of a gem - all the more so for the fact there were only ever three episode made. Sure, is it a one-trick pony. Its singular gag might have got a bit tiresome by episode four. Maybe it was wise to end it when they did. Too many other animes have not followed suit! Still there is an argument to say that the basic premise of this could have been written up in so many ways. It did have legs: all kinds of novel scenarios could have been introduced to the concept. The full title of this is quite accurate as the story does mostly revolve around a character called Moyako Konoe – a High School girl – and her endlessly delusional monologues inside her head. She is obsessed with the idea that her brother crushes on her. It has developed into a bizarre mania which results in her misinterpreting every day conversations and events in the strangest of fashions. She seizes up and will suddenly blurt out something weird like she has some form of Tourette’s. Her brother and her friends are baffled by her behaviour but seem to tolerate it. It is a shame such a funny and entertaining show wasn’t fleshed out a little more. It limits its scope to working over the gag in slightly different settings rather than testing Moyako’s reaction to different coming-of-age scenarios. How would she react if her brother got a girlfriend? Maybe the manga author Kenji Taguchi didn’t want to develop the story in any interesting direction so it remained limited in scope. Nether-the-less this is a fun little show and very entertaining. It is certainly the sort of show you would only ever see in Japanese anime. Very typical. But a riot all the same!

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