Amnesia OVA

OVA (1 ep x 25 min)
3.172 out of 5 from 2,021 votes
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Amnesia OVA

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I was hoping for a case of amnesia myself after finishing the original series, thankfully this time around I won’t need to take such drastic measures. Story - 5/10 The episode revolves around the cafe where the characters all work. A rival cafe has opened up near by, so they’ve decided to run a few gimmick promotions in order to attract new customers. They go from Darts Day, where they set up dart boards around the shop for people to play, and followed with Animal Day, Cosplay Day, Glasses Day and culminated in a day they put on an over the top “Hero Show” which inadvertently scares everyone away. Being that they took a step back from the terrible amnesia storyline, things were actually fun and cute,  Animation - 8/10 As this was probably just an episode dropped from the run, everything with the animation seems to be the same great look and same top quality work as those original twelve episodes. Plus the addition of “Animal Day” and “Cosplay Day” added for some cute animation with the cats, puppies and cactuars.  Sound - 7/10 With the same intro/outro to the other episodes, as well as the same background music, there isn’t much to talk about here besides voice acting. As I watched the series in an English dub, this gave me the chance to listen in its original Japanese. As a non-speaker, original versions of shows can tend to be quite confusing, at times not picking up the slight differences in voices that someone more use to the language may, and getting lost at who’s actually speaking. But with Amnesia they did a good job of having each voice be very distinct, as well as attempting to match the voices pitch and tone to the character it’s connected to. But just to be clear, Orion, still kind of annoying.   Characters - 4/10 Unlike in the series itself, the male characters were actually given a little emotion and personality in this episode. Be it the way they interacted with the pets, goofed around in their costumes, Kent-San’s terrible attempt at being a server, or all their moping after each special day, it actually made you think this could be a tolerable show. Overall - 5/10 It would be hard to have a series that played out completely like this episode as it would no longer follow the “amnesia” story, but if it did, I wouldn’t be totally negative on it, as I was with the original series.

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