Amazing Nurse Nanako

Alt title: Nanako Kaitai Shinsho

OVA (6 eps)
1999 - 2000
2.245 out of 5 from 1,716 votes
Rank #8,530

Nanako works day and night to cook and clean for a house full of interesting characters. Notably, a scientist who has plans of turning Nanako into his greatest experiment. But the military and the church have plans of their own in mind, once the doctor succeeds with his experiment and trains Nanako for ultimate strength and endurance.

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ThatAnimeSnob's avatar
ThatAnimeSnob Mar 24, 2012
Score 3.5/10

As I was watching this oldie, a very basic question came to me. WHY IS NANAKO CALLED A NURSE??? I mean, sure, the setting is a hospital but Nanako NEVER TREATS A PATIENT. There aren’t even patients there; it’s just some front for experiments on genetics. In fact, the show is better called Amazing Maid Nanako, as she is mostly dressed as such. The rest of the time she is wearing some gymnastics or... read more

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Baxter Oct 22, 2010
Score 1/10

I think I laughed only one time while watching the horrifying monstrosity that is known as Amazing Nurse Nanako. A mans wife is dying, from a car crash or illness or some other nonsense I can't remember nor do I really choose to (don't worry why she's near deaths door, it doesn't really effect the joke). The mad scientist character (inventor of Nanako.) Helps to rebuild and revive her from... read more



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