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Oct 18, 2016

I'm like the biggest sports anime fanatic right now and so upon seeing this series I knew I had to watch it. I've watched both episode premiers and I'm thoroughly impressed thus far. Tiny MC trying to make a point that regardless of size he can do anything: and to play a sport like rugby! Omg what a thrill.


Reminds me of Haikyuu a bit which is a good comparison in my book. And like most sports anime, the MC usually has no prior experience in the sport he/she are participating in which is common. They usually have some hidden potential which makes up for what they lack and that can be a tad cliche. And although the reasoning behind him joining may be (I wanna make something of myself cause I'm the shrimp in the family), I lfind a kind of charm to that. There also seems to be some interesting back story to the taller friend of the MC that drives this series forward so far. Knowing how that works out will probably peak my interest more. So for now it's a 7.


Opening was hype in my opinion. Complete Eyesheild 21 nostalgia but way more melodic and intense. Soundtrack thus far is nice. The BG music reminds me so much of Naruto original series! So driving and heart pounding! Plus the added sounds to the action REALLY makes you feel like you're getting hit. Really good!


Whoo where do I begin?! The art style first of all is refreshing. They're SO masculine! (BARA, but without the intended adult themes) The definitive line details on each character is ridiculous. They move very smoothly and intensity adds with colour and overall depictions of scenes being played out. Watching the characters move is thrilling. Just fluid, fast, smooth, and detailed!


The designs are pretty cool. I LOVE the captain! His hair! WHAT EVEN IS THAT!? Haha, but seriously I like their personalities and overall contrasts with one another. Like Gion is so short tempered and energetic which fits his size. And it seems cliche but it works well for characters his size. NOT to mention the MUSCLE on that boy is wow. I do like Iwashimizu, (taller friend) isn't stoic. He's very soft spoken and quite timid which balances out the two a lot. (Basically like an Ed and Al relationship with the two and FMA is always good for character analysis) But damn he can tackle! Not to mention they focus on all the members of the team and not just the main characters. I love that they do that!

Overall I love this series so far. Rugby is such a violent sport but like way better than American football Lolz. Plus just an uncommon sports topic. I think this is the first rugby anime published so that's cool! Give it a watch if you want.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jan 26, 2020

La serie tiene un puntillo por encima a la media de series de deportes. Nos ofrece una buena animación y el sonido esta bien logrado, sus personajes son carismáticos (unos mas que otros) y cada uno tiene una buena personalidad que lo definen. Todo parece positivo pero no, la serie no avanza, si es verdad que los personajes crecen un poco pero el argumento en 25 capítulos parece que no se mueve. Otro problema grave que veo es la falta de un protagonista, "Gion" pese a tener un fuerte carisma no termina de evolucionar en la serie dejándonos sin momentos para recordar (en 25 capítulos....). Una pena, falto velocidad y mayor progreso del protagonista, espero que si salé una secuela pueda ver todo esto que falta.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.3/10 overall
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Oct 1, 2018

“All Out!!” isn’t one of the anime many people recognized in despite there are many other sports anime which made the fans occasionally want to see it for once too. Besides I love “Eyeshield 21” which is one of my favorite sports anime both in my childhood and still, so rarely sports anime where rugby becomes as the main theme. We got the basketball, volleyball, soccer, ping-pong, ice skating, and “Keijo!!!!!!!!” which became the inspiration for the sports field itself. But, how about rugby? Some rugby anime that I know of besides “Eyeshield 21” is none. Indeed, baseball is the most popular sports fields in Japan, besides soccer and basketball, which is popular in several countries including rugby, especially American football. “All Out!!” is so different from “Eyeshield 21” which deals with superpower forces or something like which that connect sports like “Kuroko’s Basketball.” You could just say, “All Out!!” just looks like a generic sports anime with atrophy of the cliche in some sports anime just for a glimpse but I think it’s one worth watching well if you really like sports anime, rugby, shounen, or just enjoy looking for some adrenaline.

While it’s not one of such a special, the story isn’t too special. We got Kuroko and Kagami from “Kuroko’s Basketball,” we got Hinata and Kageyama from “Haikyuu!!“, and for “All Out!!“, we got Gion and Iwashimizu who joined a rugby team at their school, became friends, and trying to reach one of the biggest rugby competitions ever, the Hanazono. Well, it’s not that original if you wanna talk about the remaining sports anime and this anime is a good example. From those characters, I think from the anime that I mentioned earlier can’t be separated from the tropes of the main character which at first was so weak with his short body but increasingly developed alone and is one of the most unique and most important in a team. We got Kuroko who used his weakness apart from his short body as the sixth shadow and we got Hinata with his small body as a candidate for the next crow. I think, anime like those really wants to show if you never judge from the cover because they have proven it. Back at the anime, the story of this anime besides having a generic story, the story tries to tell each character every time even though there are only those who are only in that circle and not too into the plot itself. The rest, we got summer training, exercise, the rivalry between teams, the development, as well as various sub-plots in each character. In a nutshell, “All Out!!” sometimes becomes one of emotional about bromance stories like couples that girls always imagined in “Haikyuu!!” or “Kuroko’s Basketball” with one female character as their manager.

Initially, we were introduced to these two protagonists: Gion and Iwashimizu. The truth is that Gion isn’t one of the main characters like the two anime where the main character has its own power and style. Tsukamoto from “Days” is one that has similarities where initially they were both so weak but growing faster. Gion’s personality also refers more to Hinata’s side who often yells and they quite an idiot in understanding something but they both develop faster. On the other hand, Iwashimizu is the experienced character with his taller body but his trauma from the past makes him afraid of returning in rugby. Over time, we know a lot about this character, his original character, and background. Komori as their coach is one of the most focused and triggers of every character, but what I’m still confused is the background of this character which is still vague. Maybe, just read the manga instead of waiting for the second season. Sekizan and Hachiouji are among the most focused too, especially Sekizan as the captain of the rugby team, Ooharano is also the most focused, along with Ebumi which is the most aggressive but the background is still not enough. The most important points in this anime not only focus on that, but the characters that we never notice are told with various uniqueness and the plot itself. Apart from bromance which the characters always blushing whatever they want, it’s not that really matter for me.

The artwork is decent with its cool and beautiful animation. Madhouse really does a great job fo this aspect with the various details they show and the uniqueness of the design style from various characters, hair color, and the shape of their face and size body. My minor problems about this anime is always in awkward which I mean for every serious segment, there is always a silence scene which creates an impression that is so awkward for me. Maybe, they wanna keep up the duration to half an hour but why? While isn’t too annoying, I just feel weird. The songs mostly used rock music which is very helpful in every scene. The opening themes of songs and ending are more like into soft yet hard rock but are able to evoke the spirit of this anime. A variety of slow music from emotional scenes is one of the most memorable too.

“All Out!!” is just a kind of generic sports anime with various cliche and tropes that I have always seen in various other sports anime. Speaking of pace, it’s not that boring with the storytelling that always runs from the main plot to the sub-plot of the characters but it’s not too monotonous in each. It’s like a roller coaster always goes slowly but when the match starts, you know what’s more exciting than hitting your opponent’s body to lie in the field. Not that really boring besides the backgrounds of the characters who were still not enough and like other sports anime, you don’t have to follow the basics of what a sport is as long as you know how this anime goes from beginning to end.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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