All Out!!

TV (25 eps)
2016 - 2017
Fall 2016
3.692 out of 5 from 2,323 votes
Rank #2,465
All Out!!

The day of the entrance ceremony at Kanagawa Highschool... The story starts when the timid but unyielding Gion joins the rugby team. His classmate, Iwashimizu, who can’t get into rugby because of something happening in the past, the vice-captain, Hachioji, who looks out for all of the members, and their captain, Sekizan, who is more passionate and intense than anyone... All of the members are completely different, but they all keep growing on this battlefield known as youth. Once they give it their all, the ultimate stage awaits them!

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This Year's First-Years are Hilarious image

Episode 1

This Year's First-Years are Hilarious

I Want to Tackle Someone image

Episode 2

I Want to Tackle Someone

What's Most Important image

Episode 3

What's Most Important

What Should I Do? image

Episode 4

What Should I Do?

What's Lacking image

Episode 5

What's Lacking

Giving Everything You've Got image

Episode 6

Giving Everything You've Got

I Want to Be Able to Do Everything image

Episode 7

I Want to Be Able to Do Everything

Ball Games image

Episode 8

Ball Games

You've Gotten Stronger image

Episode 9

You've Gotten Stronger

I Ate Too Much Shaved Ice image

Episode 10

I Ate Too Much Shaved Ice

You Have No Feel For the Game image

Episode 11

You Have No Feel For the Game

Joint Practice image

Episode 12

Joint Practice

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MayomiCCz's avatar
MayomiCCz Oct 18, 2016
Score 9/10

I'm like the biggest sports anime fanatic right now and so upon seeing this series I knew I had to watch it. I've watched both episode premiers and I'm thoroughly impressed thus far. Tiny MC trying to make a point that regardless of size he can do anything: and to play a sport like rugby! Omg what a thrill. Story Reminds me of Haikyuu a bit which is a good comparison in my book. And like most sports... read more

ClubFoot's avatar
ClubFoot Oct 1, 2018
Score 7/10

“All Out!!” isn’t one of the anime many people recognized in despite there are many other sports anime which made the fans occasionally want to see it for once too. Besides I love “Eyeshield 21” which is one of my favorite sports anime both in my childhood and still, so rarely sports anime where rugby becomes as the main theme. We got the basketball, volleyball, soccer, ping-pong... read more

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All Out!!
  • Vol: 15+; Ch: 107+
  • 2012 - ?

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