Alice in the Country of Hearts: Wonderful Wonder World

Alt title: Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World

Movie (1 ep x 85 min)
2.451 out of 5 from 1,601 votes
Rank #9,273
Alice in the Country of Hearts: Wonderful Wonder World

Alice living in the Hatter's Mansion begins to have doubts as to whether or not to stay or return home when her vial, her only link back to her world, disappears. The Joker also decides to cause some trouble.

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Warning this review may contain spoilers So this is my first monthly marathon review, this is for the movie Alice in the country of hearts or Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World. This movie is based off the game and manga; it would be wise to play/read these before you start the film due to the fact that it starts at a pretty random point in the story. There wasn’t much of a story anyway, it was a basic story and there wasn’t really a clear storyline overall.  The movie itself was confusing due to the irregular starting point as well as a really bad story. Honestly if you are looking for a good story then this isn’t the anime you want to watch. To me it was a bit of a disappointment. The animation was average, there were a few weird sections where the character faces looked a bit off but other than that the animation was alright, it matches the manga quite well. The music was quite plain, the opening to the movie was pretty basic, and to me I didn’t really enjoy the music. The ending song was way too long but I guess compared to a series it has a lot to cover but even still I enjoyed both songs even if they were slightly plain. There was no character development at all, if you really wanted character development you needed to read the manga. The main character Alice is a typical character when it comes to a harem story; I think they needed to be a bit more creative when it came to the character personalities and stories. Overall this was a pretty bad movie with was a disappointment when the manga is so good and intriguing, this is just the opposite. I have given it a low score due to the fact it was a very poorly written storyline, but I guess if I had played the games I would understand a bit more about the story itself. ~AngelBeatsYui~


Yet another DTAB Shitfest Story: "The fuck is going on?" and it's similiar profane questioning statements at whatever the fuck was going on appeared many times, as some kind of fuckery beyond my understanding went on before my eyes. As elevators go to different worlds (?), clocks and cages in a grandfather clock- I mean, a big... cloc- uh, what? Shit man, it made no fucking sense. But it goes to an amusement park (Childhood and being young and innocent until the circus because everybody knows circuses/Carnivale are evil) where shit happens, to a mansion or castle where shit occurs and to a dungeon where I have no idea what the fuck occurs. You see how non-logical that mess was? It's worse in this movie, which is seriously bad if you haven't read it's source material. I'm pretty sure it makes sense then, but as it stands it doesn't make a lick of. So... how do I go about story when I don't know anything about it? I don't know. Animation: Let me get this out of the way: Blood is a hunk. Total man candy. Makes the others look less gorgeous in comparison despite it being a cast of hot dudes. It got to the point where the animators went: One Guy: Man, we drew some real good looking men. But what about the rest of the people? Do we draw them all sexy like? Other Guy: What? Fuck that shit, there's gonna be like... a lot of people to draw sexy. Can't we not just draw their faces? One Guy: How about... we just shade in their faces as to further portray how sexy these dudes are! It's not like they matter. Other Guy: Nice idea! Less work for us. One Guy: And we're still doing more than the writing staff. Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh Great animation overall, but Blood, mad sexy. It's more like Blood is sexy and I can grade animation on him alone and the fact that he isn't constantly on screen makes the scenery look less pretty overall. Sound: I needed something to salvage my brain cell drain and to cling to a life line and this was it, apart from Blood. Ending theme was beautiful, signaling that the mind confusion was over. Until the Stinger. And the second stinger, if there was one. But that violin... -2 points for going against the Geneva Convention. Points already deducted. Characters: So... there are these guys, in this land... and they're good looking guys. Some are in love with Alice, or all of them are. Blood is great, the people do things and be people. Yup. Overall: Remember: Don't take shits, give shits.

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