Alice in Borderland

Alt title: Imawa no Kuni no Alice

OVA (3 eps x 23 min)
2014 - 2015
3.779 out of 5 from 1,903 votes
Rank #2,145
Alice in Borderland

The story follows a group of three friends who suddenly awaken in a completely different alternate world. At first they think it's all a dream or a joke, but they soon realize that the only way to survive in this world is to participate and win deadly survival games.

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And a bloody good start it is, because I love the shit out of the manga. The everloving crap out of it. So they would have had to make this all CGI, unfaithful and make it look like absolute fucking shit for me to hate it. Fortunately, there is no shitty ass CGI (That I remember), it's faithful, and it looks good. And looks faithful to it, complete with horse head mask, which would have looked great in a suit but packs quite a punch. Straight up, boners for survival games. That is my sub-genre of anime/manga: death games. This has killer hide and seek, more killer hide-and-seek, a killer... kinda like a riddle game, but also a really douchey riddle game. You can think of it as one game per episode and covers a good part of the manga in those three episodes. Has some good suspense and it's pretty interesting in how the games go about themselves and how they react to it. The card numbers offered per game is a highlight, as it determines what challenge it'll be, from physical, mental, something and my favorite, Hearts. Or psychological, which is another thing I enjoy: Psychological death games. Those are great. What you don't get, is backstory on the Borderlands itself. That, or any explanation for anything apart from what veterans of the Borderlands know and what they tell the MCs. You're left in the dark about the whole ordeal and the best you'll usually get is about what's currently going on, as in the current game. And one thing I absolutely loved was the intermission cut to the anime title. I loved that shit. Overall, it's a good three episode OVA, although you can just read the manga and have the same experience but in triple quick time. For an adaptation, it's just darn spiffy and fans of the manga would enjoy it. DAMC Presents: A Damn Bloody Good Start to the Marathon


Alice in Borderland is a short survival game anime classified in the psychological and horror genre. With most survival game anime, there is a lack of explanation and a lot of unknown phenomenon that  surrounds the game. There's a lot of plot holes, inconsistencies, and lack of character development. For a mere 3 episodes, it crammed together 3 survival games with card themes. For example, the spade theme was used for games with physical effort. The heart theme was used for games that had a psychological impact on the players. The players were penalized with flaming arrows on the first game for answering questions wrong. But all four friends managed to get a fortune slip and pass the first round. In the second game, there was a shooter playing tag and targeting innocent players with a gun. Players had to reach the home base with the only unlocked room, and push a button to pass the game. In the third game, the players were randomly marked as sheeps or wolves by a slot machine. The goal of the sheeps was to avoid the presence of the wolf. But in the end, only the wolf emerged victorious.  After playing the games, the players felt insecure especially Saori Shibuki, and Chouta Segawa. Both characters try to console and comfort each other as they expressed their worries, insecurities, and anxieties surrounding the death games. Chouta was heavily burdened psychologically and physically by his leg injury. The main character Ryouhei Arisu's was only reluctant to survive the game, and expressed his gratitude for the support from his friends. Finally, Daikichi Karube was more reckless, hotheaded, and emotional. He plunged after an armed horse-faced gunman to secure the victory in the first game. Luckily he didn't get injured since he had prior experience with martial arts.  Overall, I gave the anime a 6/10 rating. It certainly has flaws. But a 6/10 rating for me means slightly above average. If the anime had more episodes, the anime could certainly flesh out the characters by adding back stories and improve character development. The whole anime was very rush, and tried to cram content in 3 episodes. 

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