Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season

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Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season

The year is 2016— a year and a half after the assassination of Princess Asseylum. Despite his status as a Terran, Slaine has been granted the title of Mars Knight, is now served by his own personal subordinate, and has been taking part in battles against the United Forces of Earth. Meanwhile on Earth, the Deucalion is finishing up its repairs as, one by one, the ship’s former crew members return in order to proceed to a new battlefront.

Source: Aniplex

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This Side of Paradise image

Episode 1

This Side of Paradise

The Beautiful and Damned image

Episode 2

The Beautiful and Damned

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Episode 3

Toll for the Brave

Soldiers' Pay image

Episode 4

Soldiers' Pay

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Episode 5

The Turning Wheel

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Episode 6

The Rose and the Ring

Here to There image

Episode 7

Here to There

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Episode 8

The Light of Day

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Episode 9

The Fortune's Fool

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Episode 10

Out of the Past

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Episode 11

The Unvanquished

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Episode 12

Inherit the Stars

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ACEDICE's avatar
ACEDICE Mar 29, 2015
Score 8.5/10

P.S This is a review on the anime as a whole and is not based only on season 2, there are SPOILERS you have been warned. Story-  I have heard many people complain about the story being too generic and uninteresting and I have to disagree. War, war can be told in many ways and at some point these tales might cross over yet this does not make it generic. I quite enjoyed the idea of a group of people who... read more

Mendacious's avatar
Mendacious Aug 12, 2015
Score 6.5/10

Good, not great, Mecha There are spoilers in this review. Aldnoah.Zero is a big disappointment. It starts out promising something very big and then delivers only very little. By the end of the second season everything is right back to where it started as though nothing had happened at all. If this was a skit on the futility of revolution and upheaval then that would be fine, but it's not. It plays... read more

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