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Kakeru Daichi is an openly perverted sixteen-year-old boy who has never had a girlfriend. One night, after a refreshing shower, the boy decides to have a drink and opens up a can of melon soda; but his first sip turns into his first kiss as the can suddenly transforms into a cute girl! After his initial hesitance to acknowledge her existence, Kakeru - as her new owner - names the girl Melon and allows her to stay. Melon, as it turns out, is part of a government project in which aluminium and steel 'Akikans' fight each other to determine which is the superior type of can. Completely against the idea, Kakeru insists that Melon will not fight. Though with the appearance of Budoko, a grape juice Akikan; and Yell, a sports-drink Akikan; it seems that they won’t be able to avoid the battles forever.

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KiraRin Jul 30, 2010
Score 1.5/10

Ahh, Japan. You're built on a diet of raw fish, have a love of whaling and a seemingly unhealthy obsession with panties, but we love you anyways for your endless good ideas about anime. Unfortunately, it seems you've reached the bottom of the intellectual barrel and served up Akikan, a title whose name is as bizarre as the content is scummy. Now, 'scum' may seem... read more

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nek0kitty Jul 13, 2016
Score 8/10

Alright, I've seen this anime get a ton of negative feedback. Personally, I watched it before seeing all that, and it honestly wasn't that bad. Now, it's not exactly the best anime I've ever seen, but overall I enjoyed it. Yes, it is very short, and doesn't have a very deep plotline. (I'm not gonna sit here and summarize it, you can read that in it's description) However, it is a wonderful comedy, with just a... read more

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