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With all forms of entertainment banned, a group of bold young women do the unthinkable: resurrect a legendary J-Pop band, forming an all new Band of Sisters known as AKB0048! But these rockin' rebels aren't just singers. They're trained in combat as well as choreography and willing to sacrifice their lives for intergalactic harmony. As the new recruits enter basic training, the veterans provide the musical soundtrack and pass their batons and battle gear to a new generation of daring divas.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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HKBattosai Jan 24, 2019
Score 7.2/10

I bought this on Blu-ray for my wife due to the incredible discount at the time, similar to what this >reviewer< mentioned about getting it for a good price. We started watching it back in 2017, but ultimately never finished it. I decided to give it another go and started over in 2019 and watched it completely this time. I'm very glad... read more

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Rbastid Mar 23, 2016
Score 7/10

I gave in to a DVD sale plain and simple, that's my only reasoning behind buying AKB0048….jeesh. Story - 8/10 So I came into this series with very low expectations. As a series it checked all the wrong boxes, girl's idol group, cutsie, and fighting robots, because lets face it for every Evangelion and G Gundam, there's a thousand Gravions and Fafners. For the most part I only purchased it because I was... read more

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