Akazukin Chacha OVA

Alt title: Red Riding Hood Chacha OVA

OVA (3 eps x 24 min)
1995 - 1996
3.389 out of 5 from 292 votes
Rank #3,749

The principal of Momiji Academy is furious. Her students don't compare to the student body at Urara Academy, and she wants to know why; thus, she decides to do the only logical solution: she sends a spy, the young Popi, to discover Urara's secrets for the taking! But when Popi arrives, he finds that discovering Urara's wonders might be difficult due to the lighthearted and random nature of the faculty and staff. Can the were-puppy Riiya, sorcerer Seravi, jovial Chacha and the rest of the gang help the secret spy Popi feel at home, even in the home of his rivals?

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