Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2008
3.343 out of 5 from 10,907 votes
Rank #9,249

When Junichi 'Gene Killer' Nagase saved the beautiful and wealthy Yuuhi Katagiri from bullies one day, he had no idea that he'd actually assisted his would-be wife! For what Junichi didn't know is that he and Yuuhi's fathers decided they would be wed, and Yuuhi has arrived in his town to decide if her betrothed is good enough for the job. After a humiliating and unwanted first kiss, Yuuhi moves in with Junichi to evaluate his worth; and thus, Junichi's life is changed forever. With embarrassing situations at every turn and a bride-to-be that thinks he's uncivilized and brash, what's a guy to do?

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Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka is 12 episodes of a typical ecchi-harem anime. Once again, I'll state I hate those genres/combination of genres and that will affect this review. So, you'd expect me to now tell you that this is a typical ecchi harem anime. It is. HOWEVER, towards the end things get a little interesting, if only for the one fact that it literally confronts the harem genre for what is possibly its biggest problem. And it makes you think, or gives you hope. that this might be a bit different. Feel free to watch the first few episode and then skip to the last three, since the others are typical filler/ episodes of the genre where little occurs. I actually got bored and barely paid attention to the middle episodes. Animation The animation quality is great, the style is typical for the most part though. However, they do often use funny cartoony facial expressions, so that's a good thing. This is an ecchi anime, though only a couple of characters have obviously large boobs. There are a lot of unnecessary panty shots/fan-service shots, though the most offensive remain in context for the most part. I think I'm being desensitised to the ecchi bullshit, since I didn't notice it that much. I guess that is the result, when I'm trying to bulldoze through the remaining ecchi anime on my watchlist. I look forward to the day that I finish the last one, then I never have to watch a terrible ecchi/harem ever again. Gah off-topic. Sound Sound is okay, not terrible since I actually noticed it and it was suitable for the atmosphere. Not worthy of going for the soundtrack though. Not much to really say. This anime is only in Japanese and I recognised Yuuhi's voice actor to be familiar. She's done many voices like Louise from ZnT and Alphonse from FMA. Of course, this means you need subtitles. Characters The main character Junichi Nagase, a high school student. He is the typical, indecisive, coward, lack of empathy harem protagonist. He even has a porn stash, though he isn't so much a pervert as other harem protagonists. Everyone calls him Genokiller, an image of him made up by others to make him seem intimidating. In the later episode it is mentioned that he is too nice... well he doesn't get upset at others too much. Most importantly is the fact that he acts strong, not in the literal way though. He hides his feelings and isn't true to himself. Overall a disappointing character and the final nail in the coffin? A hidden sister complex (explained in the spoiler section). Yuuhi Katagiri is the typical hot-headed tsundere rich girl, one of the two main romantic (yeah right...) options. Of course she comes from a rich family, of course she actually likes Junichi and of course she physically assualts him on many cases. What's more is that her father has decided that she is to be married to him at the start, so she is Junichi's fiance and goes to live with him to 'see how he is'. Could it get any more cliche? Towards the end however, her personality shiws through and she contributes to the interesting confrontation of the genre. Minato Nagase is Junichi's (relatively) big-boobed sister, not really known whether she is older or younger than him. A typical 'same  age' sister who takes care of Junichi's every need, except for the obvious ones she shouldn't do. She knows all about her brother and is good at everything related to housework. She decides to give her brother some space, especially where it concerns Yuuhi. But of course, they just had to give her a brother complex (explained in the spoiler section) making her the other main romantic option. The others are side characters. The parents are actually explained for once. They are literally secret agents, doing cliche secret agent jobs like defusing bombs or escaping from facilities. There is a big-boobed childhood friend, Tsukasa Kiryuu, who is surprisingly not of interest to Junichi. They also have a typical pretentious ojou-sama rich girl character (as if Yuuhi wasn't rich enough) Karen Ayanokouji who also has a hidden crush on Junichi, though she doesn't get mad at him. unlike Yuuhi. The teacher is a bit wierd and the best friend, Fuyuhiko Nishino, is actually an OK character, not too pervy or jealous of Junichi. Story The story is the typical harem ecchi plot (or lack of it) where nothing intersting really happens besides characters being introduced. Did I mention how predictable almost every aspect of the story is? *But wait!* Towards the end things get interesting and this is the only thing that pushes this anime slightly higher than its too numerous genre pool. And thats the only redeeming feature, that some interesting stuff is said about being true to yourself and not being indecisive. Really gives the viewer hope that this will be different... you'll see. There is of course the controversy of the incest between Junichi and his sister, but you should have gathered why I haven't complained about it. I saw it coming a mile away. (saved for the spoiler section). Conclusion Overall, an average harem ecchi anime that questions one of the biggest problems of the entire genre at the end, as well as having a bit of a 'moral of the story'. So that alone makes it worth watching over all the other crap. If you want an idea of how a typical harem ecchi anime goes, this is the one, since its only slightly better than the rest of the cesspit and won't be as much a waste of your time due to the interesting last few episodes. It's still a typical bad harem ecchi though. I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone. And if you're in it for the fanservice, you might as well go watch porn or hentai cos nothing really happens. Family-friendliness Rating: 5/5 Only because pink nipples, despite being in context (lower is better) Overall Rating: 5/10 (higher is better) SPOILER SECTION It is obvious that Junichi and Minato aren't blood related siblings. It's not officially mentioned in the anime, but at towards the end it becomes apparent and they pull a dick move of leaving it vague by not allowing Junichi to hear it from his dad. If he knew, he'd probably be in his sister like a hermit crab in a shell. Oh wait, he's a typical coward harem protagonist. No sex for him then.

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