Akame ga Kill! Theater

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Sianeka Dec 18, 2014
Score 7/10

Akame ga Kill Theater is the picture drama series for Akame ga Kill. In case you aren't familiar with picture dramas (PDs), they are humorous little side stories and comic vignettes set in the world of, and populated by characters from, a main series from which the picture drama derives. They usually feature the main characters in a chibified or super-deformed form, and present them acting in an exaggerated... read more

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Rbastid Feb 9, 2018
Score 8/10

As DVD extras have become worse and worse, the team tasked with taking care of them for Akame Ga Kill really put together something worth watching. Story - 7/10 These are cute little DVD add ons, where each one minutes clip has a slight connection to it’s corresponding numbered full length episode. They touch on goofy little things like Sheele always losing her glasses, Incursio becoming an action... read more

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