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Legend tells of a winged beauty who was so feared that she was confined to a palace, never to leave its gates alive. She lived a life of solitude until one day love entered her life; but as cruel fate would have it, the more the young woman loved, the closer she came to her death. For young Misuzu, researching the tragic tale of the winged one was only the beginning of her summer’s journey; a journey that would be filled with the discovery of love, the pain of loss, and the exploration of the human heart.

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haize78 Dec 23, 2014
Score 4.5/10

I'm going to be the discordant voice here and the odd one out, but I didn't like Air the movie.  Obviously this is AFTER I've already seen the series a couple of times, so I'm afraid I cannot objectively judge the movie on its own value without comparing it to the anime series. And Air is a series I really love. So I felt extremely let down by this movie. Nothing to complain about the music, the OP is... read more

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tabithamc Apr 9, 2012
Score 10/10

I don't even know if I have the words to describe how beautiful this movie is.  It is a sweet love story paralleling a legendary romance.  Your heart will break for the characters of the past as well as the characters of the present.  There are moments that will make you laugh and moments that will make you cry but I assure you that it will have you believing in love! You will want to hold... read more

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