Air Master

TV (27 eps)
2003 - 2004
Spring 2003
3.132 out of 5 from 4,138 votes
Rank #4,736

Aikawa Maki, a high school student (with a reputation of being an exceptional street fighter), is known on the streets as Air Master. Standing at seven feet tall, she has the ability to seemingly fly through the air. Trying to attain the highest level of excitement and tension, she searches for stronger opponents. Will she find them or will they find her first, as they fight it out in the aerial arena?

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Fly! Air Master image

Episode 1

Fly! Air Master

Howl! Kaori Sakiyama image

Episode 2

Howl! Kaori Sakiyama

Challenge! Shinnosuke Tokita image

Episode 3

Challenge! Shinnosuke Tokita

Stand out! Tsukio and Reiichi image

Episode 4

Stand out! Tsukio and Reiichi

Sing! Julietta Sakamoto image

Episode 5

Sing! Julietta Sakamoto

Ride it! Maki image

Episode 6

Ride it! Maki

I Won't Let Me Say That Again!! image

Episode 7

I Won't Let Me Say That Again!!

Resound! Mina Nakanotani image

Episode 8

Resound! Mina Nakanotani

Go! Black Alliance of Justice and Sincerity image

Episode 9

Go! Black Alliance of Justice and Sincerity

Blaze! Kinjiro Kitaeda image

Episode 10

Blaze! Kinjiro Kitaeda

Beat it in! Maki Vs. Kinjiro image

Episode 11

Beat it in! Maki Vs. Kinjiro

Make Yourself Known! Fami-Wrestlers image

Episode 12

Make Yourself Known! Fami-Wrestlers

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roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Jan 18, 2012
Score 4.5/10

Jump! Kick! Dodge! Swing! Pantsu shot! Roll ! Spin ! Boobies shot!
Although it appears to be another typical Shounen series with brainless action and Ecchi scenes, Air Master is in fact a Seinen series, and a parody of the usual Shounen fighting and Ecchi anime.

Created by Toei Animation, one of the largest and most famous anime studios when it comes to... read more

Archemetes's avatar
Archemetes Apr 23, 2017
Score 4.5/10

This anime isn't bad considering it came out in the 70's...oh...wait. The plot is barely adequate, the animation and sound are nostalgic in a way if you've watched a lot of older stuff, but even old school anime like Lupin III or Ashita no Joe would win in a side by side comparison. The characters are one dimensional and a few are actually so annoying that they'll make you question whether or not you should... read more

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