Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2003
3.647 out of 5 from 6,999 votes
Rank #3,616

One year after the arrival of Chika, things become livelier than ever in the Sakuraba residence. With Chika’s embarrassing questions, Tina’s love for breast fondling, Mayu’s puppy-dog love of Hanabishi-sama, Taeko’s cute clumsiness, and Miyabi’s absolute totalitarian rule of the mansion, Kaoru has a lot to handle. Combining the wants and needs of his friends and his loyalty to Aoi, will Kaoru be able to survive the emotional pressure?

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I'm gonna skip giving an overview of the plot simply because I hate when reviewers do that. Anyhow: Story: I wasn't fond of the first one because of the overexaggerated, sappy romance. What I liked about the first season was all the characters besides Kaoru and Aoi, and so I'm happy to see more episodes devoted to the characters and their stories and less to the romance. Animation: I think it's beautiful, but I gave it a 9 simply because I've seen better. I don't mind the way the characters get distorted during a comedic scene simply because that's common in comedy anime and this anime has a comedic element to it. Sound: I love the soundtrack, including both the opening and the ending. The ending theme definitely has me singing along. Characters: I love all the characters except for Mayu, Aoi, and Kaoru. Aoi and Kaoru don't seem like people to me; they seem more like zombies who are constantly repeating one another's names. Kaoru somehow misplaced his spine during the last episode of the first season and now he's sort of like a highway: everybody rolls right over him. It's kind of sad. Aoi is just creepy: half the guys I know would run away from a girl who is that obsessed and who has admitted to watching them and pursuing them after being separated for years. The way she gets that sad look on her face when Kaoru even speaks to another girl, and the way she won't do anything unless it's what Kaoru wants really rub me the wrong way. As for Mayu, she's just annoying: "Hanabishi-samaaa!" My favorite characters are probably Taeko and Tina; I find them both to be relatable in some way.  Overall: So much better and so less cringeworthy than the first season. Good job.


After loving the first season of Ai Yori Aoshi, I decided to give this second season ago. Hoping that this anime will be as good or even better than the first, I went into this anime with high expectation. Now, did this anime live up to the hype? Well lets see.Story (4/10) Now, the story was decent and they made the best in what they were doing but in all honesty it didn't feel like a follow on at all, I mean you get to know each characters background a little more which is always nice but you want to see more one how our two love birds are doing and are they making any progress. But in the end you actually don't really go into those two characters at all. It was like one episode of another characters background and then another episode about them which was nice, but no consistency. Through that whole anime I was hoping that maybe in the end the two couple eventually can say something to the rest of the group otherwise it could be complicated in the future seems practically everyone loves our male protagonist, like him being accepted into the family. In the end you don't get nothing of a sort. Also don't think your going to get the same amount of romance as you did in the last season because you won't. Story should be more focused on the two main couple with a few other episodes about the other characters lives. Series really let me down and just didn't feel like Ai Yori Aoshi to be fairly honest with you. It was just mostly about the others and their lives and their back story nothing more, nothing less.Art (8/10) Art as always was amazing. Very articulate and the characters looked amazing and what needed to be detailed was done to perfection in my eyes. In was very nice for your eyes instead of straining them, like in your face kinda thing which is smoothing.Sound (7/10) The sound was not as great as the first but it was still amazing. Liked the intro song but again in the first season was better because I felt like I wanted to sing to it but this one was just something nice to listen to. Also the sound effects were nice as well and also calming as they should be for this type of genre n anime. Characters (7/10) Characters were good, you got to know more about them which gave them a nice feeling to them, also every character felt a little different than before, but I will get to that when I talk about each character. Kaoru Hanabishi: He is the same as he always is but there is something different about him. In this one he was alot more noticeable about things (but didn't act until it was confirmed) and was a lot more there for his partner. Also he is a lot more mature, like when it comes to his future and the one for his fiance. More of a man so thats nice there, right? I would say so, so lets continue. Aoi Sakuraba: There is not much more to say about her seems she is basically the same as the last season. But, thats exactly it there is nothing and I wanted to know more about her to be honest. It didn't have to be about her but about the love for him, she does have this one moment when she explains why she has loved Kaoru for so long but I'm not going to go into that. Now, few other things is that the two couple are kinda annoying when they repeat the same thing when they stare at each other like 'Aoi-chan, Kaoru-sama' or something like that all the time and its repetitive and not even romantic anymore. Tina Foster: Now I can't say much about this because it will become a spoiler but you really get to know about this character a lot more near the end when she goes into these deep talks into her past and that. You really get the field of depth of this character and really appreciate it as well, but thats what I found anyways. I will leave it at that n move on. The rest you don't really get anything out of, the waitress you get to know about her family and what they did. But nothing else more than that really, there was nothing really added to the characters at all and it was disappointing. Overall (6/10) I was giving this anime a real high, expecting to see more what the couples have to offer to one another, but to basically see no real step forward in their relationship and they still have to live in secret and I was hoping maybe that will get resolved. The characters were just the same apart from Miss Tina in essence. The rest were boring because it was the same old same old. Plus what didn't help, the episodes were like this, one episode of Chika and her life with her friends to one episode about our couples through out this entire series and was just stupid nothing was really adding to the depths of this anime like it did in the first or adding on to it. I still recommend this anime because it was still nice to watch but if you in it to see how the two lovers get on and to see if anything else happens don't bother because you will be disappointed. I wanted to give this anime more of a better rating than I did but I just coulded because in all honesty it doesn't deserve it. Hoped it helped you and I hope you enjoyed reading the review. - Komirai

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