Ai Mai Mii - Custom lists

Alt title: Choboraunyopomi Gekijou Ai Mai Mii

  • Afterglow: That Is How I Roll!
  • A Centaur's Life
  • A-Channel
  • 1000say: HANE
  • 22/7: Shampoo no Nioi ga Shita

Female Protagonists (anime edition) by AnimeJunkee

A list of anime that feature only women as the main characters.

  • Ai Sky Tree 21
  • Ai Mai Mii
  • Aikatsu! Planet
  • Ahiru no Ko
  • Abstract feat. Alkama

Anime That Use Live Action by Kari5

Whether its a bit or a lot, these titles use live-action shots or scenes in them. See my other list for anime with live action OP/EDs.

  • Blood Blockade Battlefront
  • Ani Tore! EX
  • Ai Mai Mii
  • 11eyes
  • .hack//Legend Of The Twilight

Terrible Anime by Starra

Don't waste your time (or do, I'm not your boss). DISCLAIMER: This list contains unpopular opinions that make people mad, proceed with caution. It's all in good fun, lads, relax! Also some of these aren't actually terrible.

  • AKB0048: Next Stage
  • AKB0048
  • A-Channel
  • A Place Further Than the Universe
  • A Centaur's Life

Cute Girls Doing Cute Things by chii

These titles are about cute girls doing cute things! For the most part they have an all girls main cast. Only tv/web series added but you can be sure that any related specials to shows on this list would fit as well.