Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

TV (12 eps)
3.789 out of 5 from 3,339 votes
Rank #2,075

Follows the "indecipherable" daily life of the short and quiet Reina Aharen and Raidou who sits next to her in class. Aharen is not so good at gauging the distance between people (or personal boundaries), and Raidou initially sensed some distance between the two of them. Then one day, when Raidou picked up the eraser that Aharen had dropped, the distance between them suddenly became uncomfortably close.

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Felix Film’s 2022 High School romcom was one of the surprise hits of the year with its gentle slice-of-life charming audiences. Raido is in his first year of High School and admits that he struggles to make friends. To rectify this, he makes multiple attempts to befriend the diminutive Reina Aharen who sits next to him in homeroom. At first he thinks she is cold-shouldering him but soon realises things are more complicated. Aharen has a track record of being over-friendly in middle school so she was holding back in getting too close to others. She also speaks so quietly that people struggle to hear here. Raido makes the supreme effort to hear here and understand exactly what some her eccentric behaviour means. Early on the audience might think that this resembles “Komi Can’t Communicate” but it quickly diverges from that path in the first few episodes. If anything, despite a strong start in episode one, it descends quickly into short-episode slapstick and visual humour. We had doubts that many would stay the course with this if this had continued. Thankfully the show does reward those who voted to stay with it. Despite a poor early showing the story picks up a lot half way through. The couple in the story become fast friends and are always close. By ‘close’ we mean physically very close as that helps Raido to hear whatever Aharen is saying. They build a small circle of friends around them and every (increasingly funny) episode builds-in new characters involving various family members and some younger children they meet in the park. Even some of the teachers get roped into that action with one in particular who takes enormous joy in observing the young couple’s relationship to the point at which she gets a nose-bleed. The story wraps up nicely in the end with a dramatic sequence in which one of Aharen’s more obsessive female friends, Mitsuki Oshiro, challenges Raido to a duel after she mistakenly believes that he has broken Aharen’s heart. The ending is excruciatingly happy with the misunderstandings are all sorted out and the friendship group coming together to share the young couple’s happiness. This is a feel-good story with a cherry on top. An utter joy to watch, extremely funny and immensely fun. Make time for it.

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