Ah! My Goddess: Fighting Wings - Reviews

Alt title: Ah! Megami-sama! Tatakau Tsubasa

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Jun 3, 2010

Well this was a nice change of phase from all the other Ah my Goddess past series which was rather refreshing.

The story takes place after season 1,  Ah! my Goddess TV  and  Season 2,  Ah! my Goddess Flights of Fancy if u trying to watch them in order and want to understand it all watch the first and second Season first.

The plot this time around takes place when some one in heaven steals the item call The Angel Eater and the info they have tell them it was heading for earth most likely to the temple in which Keichii and the other Goddess live so another Goddess in send down to each to Capture it or kill it her name is Lind a Valkyrie a special combat force and that's how it start it .

The Story this time around is really like able u see the goddess Lind Story for struggle to be stronger her battle for her ego as she tries to take Everything on her own, But what i like about the story most of all is the helpless and dumb Keichii is finally of some use when he take the stage to battle with the help of Lind which is Refreshing since in all  previous season he is soooo helpless and always needing rescue from the Goddess.

The animation was really good this time around the Character are more detail and u can see more their expressions  more clearly and more like able after all this production was made in 2007 by AIC i guess the got a major boost in their  computer Graphic Dept.

The sound was surprisingly Good the open and End themes were very like able this time around and the voice timing was really death on all blend good with the background music and effects .

The Character this this around got a major boost Especially Keichii I don't if any one notice in all the previous Ah! My Goddess season 1 and 2 he look really idiotic and depressing and most able what piss me off the most was  the Dumbo giant ears they draw for him he looked like a ape but this time around they made him look more reliable more  masculine and attractive which was a welcome change not forgetting how well all the other goddess look really good and well design really Sexy.  

Overall it gets a.................. 9 has a good story, animation, sound and a much better Character Design if you like the Ah! My Goddess series i can assure you this will be your favorite.        

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall