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Alt title: Amaenaide yo!!

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Dec 27, 2011

This review covers both seasons of the show; I’m too bored to write two different ones about something that is practically the same. It also contains some profanity so better not read it if you are not used to it. But then again, if you are a good kid what are you doing reading a review about a harem? Naughty, naughty!

Anime such as this are so formulaic, repetitive and predictable to the point you know what they will be about by just reading the categories. It’s as if there is an Echidna out there (the mother of all monsters one, not that rodent) which gives birth to these shows with very similar traits, no matter who the father is. I am willing to place some harems above some others. Ah My Goddess and Love Hina were amongst the first, still pure and untainted by the ridiculousness of all those which plagiarized them later on, with far less quality and badly thought out settings. Well, hello, check out the name and the character attributes and then tell me it ain’t Ah My Goddess with a Love Hina lead. Watching them and their successors clearly shows how much the genre degenerated from romantic comedy with erotic innuendoes to pure fapping material without a shred of humor or taste.

Yes, I used the “T” word, indirectly calling all those who like such disgraces idiots. Well, excuse me for making a point here which goes beyond their egocentric selves and shows a sub market of wasted potential that diminishes the anime industry instead of flourishing it. But more on that later. Let’s first nerdraeg at the different sections of this dreadful thing which some did the mistake of making and others followed on by buying.

The story. Oh Sweet Mother of Jesus, the thing which this genre never cared about. Most comedies are the same as well but harems seem to not even bother TRYING to have anything other than a premise. In this case, the excuse for the endless fappingness is eastern monks. The setting is the same like in most others of this kind, a fail of a male specimen is surrounded by various super hot chicks, who have a really hard time staying dressed, covering their privates, or bumping on his crotch as if it is an ultra powerful electromagnet. Yeah, that sounds familiar; if it didn’t it wouldn’t be called soft porn disguised as comedy, aka harem. It’s as if all these shows need to do is have this setting and any random clothes to set apart the casts from other shows. Which is double as lameness, as down to it these shows use clothes not to define personalities but only to define fetishes. Maids, sisters, nuns, in this case priestesses. Plus, they finally aim to remove said clothes to provide even further cocktease, leaving the viewer staring at breast sizes and not people with a personality.

So anyway, the excuse here is that dork being sent to get close with Buddha and being accompanied by chicks who help him trigger his hidden potential. How? By making him horny! WTF? A priest getting better at holy magic by being tainted by lustfulness? What does that mean, that a psychotic killer who performs a mass (not the murder type) at some church will be ten times as crazy? What bullshit is this?

Crappy premise aside, the actual story is as usual almost entirely fillers. The first episode is there to tell you the basics and the final episode at each season to suppose provide closure, which is open and useless as the premise itself. The rest is nothing but excuses for having girls being exposed. So if I am to give the story a score that would be 3 episodes out of a full season having some specs of them, basically 1/7th of the total duration, meaning barely 1.5 out of 10, which out of sheer generosity will hype up a whole quarter. There you go, a hyped score of 2.

Then we move to the cast, Oh God Almighty, the section which is equally looked upon as the story. The lead is the usual fail for life arsewhole who is incapable of even looking at a girl without having a nosebleed or not be beaten to a pulp by some neurotic bitch every 5 minutes. It was funny the first time in Love Hina, but now it is nothing but lame. Seriously, we are supposed to identify to this ding-dong, who is good at nothing. Seriously? What kind of people would like such an archetype? … Yeah, I just called all sexually deprived teenagers who like harems ding-dongs, didn’t I? It’s not my fault they like this shit; they chose it. Instead of going for a macho on steroids kicking ass or an everyday youth trying to make a living, they prefer a eunuch. Who is being weird and overcritical here? Why is this ridiculous archetype busting our balls for the past 30 years? What kind of sexually depressed minds do these Japs have for keeping this comatose idiot alive? Let it die already and grow a pair!

But wait, I know what some will say. The lead is not supposed to be identified with you. He is supposed to be as blunt as possible so you can attribute him all you personality while watching. Well too bad he has a face and talks and prevents me from doing that!
Or that he is such a fail of a man just to prevent the story from becoming hardcore porn. WELL WHY NOT? How much frustration can a man stand before his weenie falls off from depravity? This isn’t even healthy for Pete’s sake.
Wait, I know, he doesn’t matter at all. He is not even there. The girls are the real protagonists. You don’t watch harems for the lead character (who is failed for life) but so you can drool all over the girls. I mean if you are not gay, why not? Why not stare at those bitches who have a problem staying dressed and who express their love with a 2 ton hammer? Kisses are for d*cks, let’s just kick the sh*t out of the poor guy. He deserves it after all… Hey wait a second, if he deserves it then why do these bimbos are always in love with him? Why do they fight over him when they hit him all the time and call him a pervert? Makes no sense.
Supposed he has a good heart which is overshadowing his inability to touch a girl without screaming as one. Well excuse me for saying that real life girls want their guy to be forceful, rich and manly; not this crap. And I know it is also supposed to be wish fulfillment; the loser getting all the girls, which again is made for us to identify with that.
Aha! Once again I called anyone liking that a loser! What a meanie I am!

Anyways, at least we have personalities to notice here besides boobs and underwear. Each girl has its own unique psychology, goals in life, reasons to aspire her… YEAH RIGHT! HAREM GIRLS WITH DEPTH; NICE ONE HAHAHA!
They are solely defined by their breast size and the color of their underwear. Their clothes are not made to give them personality; they are there as a fetish for the fans of this dreadfulness to like. And if they change clothes, they are now different people because they are part of a DIFFERENT FETISH! Well, being undressed it seems is the middle point were they are just sexy for being fapiulous.
So these characters (of which in this excuse of a story are some generic eastern monks in some generic temple) are nothing you wouldn’t expect. They don’t really develop and you have no reason to remember, besides the nice boners you got out of them. Heck, change their clothes and they can fit in most other harems as replacements.
So yeah, I will give them the score they deserve alright. A nice fat bottomed ace.

But you know what? As lame as these shows are, they can have a good animation and a brilliant soundtrack. Nothing holds them from doing that. I mean Love Hina and Ah My Goddess had a wonderful artwork and a music score. Remember the magic world of the gods and their divine music? Naru’s singing at the concert? So why not having the same in this one as well?
BEATS ME; IT’S JUST AVERAGE! If it weren’t for the constant worm view of the camera angle just so we can see pantsu without even a reason, the animation is not attractive in the least. And you can watch this in mute for all I care; the dialogues are retarded and there isn’t much of a plot so to distract you from the main theme of this show; which is fapping excuses.

You know what is funny? If you are caught watching porn, they will just say you are sexually active and at worse case scenario scold you a few minutes. But if they catch you fapping to 2D THERE IS NO SALVATION FOR YOU (unless the one who catches you is of your level of … taste). Why bother with these anyway? Don’t we have free porn sites? Don’t we have thousands of HCGs if we want to jiggle a bit without filling entire DVDs with useless lukewarm jokes? Why bother with this fail of anime category when we have hentais? Or SHAFT comedies, which have something smart to tell? Hell, why not go for the real thing?

By the way, I have nothing against romatic comedies and fan service. There are many good shows I have already mentioned were some nude is welcomed. But having nothing else BUT excuses for nude, repeating in the same way every time, in a hundred anime, with no objective in-story, no messages or symbolisms to make you wonder a bit, well excuse me, this is getting boring fast. This piece of a tard doesn’t even try to be different, it is a clone of the set-in-stone formula. Doesn’t worth it! Keep away! Try something else, preferably not harem.

2/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Oct 13, 2010

After watching episode one te basic story is there are about 5 girls and 1 guy going througn monk training. the guy is pretty worthless unless he happens to see one of the girls naked he goes into a powerful state and saves the day.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jun 14, 2011

There is definitely potential in this anime series, however, there are some down-sides that can't be ignored. I'll get to that in a moment, but first off: general info.

The story takes place at a temple, at which a young monk and a selection of teenage nuns are training. The story's main focus is on this young boy, Ikko, who's "gifted" with a special power that can exorcise evil spirits in the vicinity - however, the only way to enable the power is through stimulating the young monk's sexual desire - thus, the ecchiness of the series.

Unfortunately for Ikko, he gets possessed by whomever triggered his lust, immediately after the power has been released, which often ends with beat-up performed by the exposed nuns.

The story of Amaenaideyo!! is mainly focused around this power, and Ikko's training to detain it. Besides that, there are several cute side-stories concerning the themes of friendship, training and a bit of romance as well.

I'd recommend this series to anyone who doesn't necessarily require a strong story-plot, who likes ecchi humor and harem-anime - and non-the-less semi-mature content. There are a lot of cute, naked nuns in the anime, however, nudity is only shown in the very last episode.


4/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jul 15, 2013

Um… This is actually pretty good comparing some of the stuff that I have watched before. This is the idea of harem to a T. Ikkou is pretty much the worthless monk who is actually really perverted. Of course, he ends up in a nun training place. Somehow, that idea becomes the same story as in Love Hina.

The girls are all really hard on poor Ikkou, although I can see why. He’s a complete pervert and yet, in the beginning, he doesn’t really look like he is. As the story keeps going, the more perverted he becomes and so some of this seems a bit forced (Although with women like what are around him, it’s hard not to see why). Chitose and Ikkou have a really big love hate relationship (just like Naru and Kentaro) and all the others have a strange out of control roommates. Chitose is also like an airhead so she is a mix of Naru and Mutsumi from Love Hina.

The story pretty much turns into a ghost by week sort of story line with each show being resolved by some sort of exorcism. Luckily, it’s not always with Ikkou seeing a naked woman and turning super monk on us but we are not saved from the breasts and panty shots at all. Sadly, the only way we get any info about the powers the girls have is in the 11th episode so don’t look for any real information about them until then.

By the way, what the fuck is the little creature with Hinata? She seems to be able to talk to it but we can never understand what he is actually saying.

The artwork is actually pretty. Sadly, there is a lot of fan service meaning panty and breast shots abound. Characters are all pretty much the normal Harem style girls, the Lolita, the sporty, the big breasted, the girl next door stuff. There are times when I just wonder where they get some items out of thin air. Characters also change places sometimes especially at the table. The faces have a symptom I call large forehead symptom. It’s when there is way to much of the forehead and very little area for the nose and mouth.

The voices sound alright, though some of the girls’ voices sound a bit odd. Sometimes, they just sound a little too high pitched. A lot of the script is forced badly and is pretty badly done too. Characters seem to talk out of no where or when other characters should be talking. Sometimes there are really stupid puns to that I really think make the whole thing just bad in some parts. Music is pretty generic, nothing really special. All in all, the soundtrack is just low grade to average.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jan 13, 2010

alot of boobs loooooooooooooooooooool

i think that story is pretty good :D

way oo much fan service with boobies getting bored -.-

i think alot of my friend that like ecchi anime and manga would love it i i personally dont like those kind anime.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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