Aguu: Tensai Ningyou

TV (12 eps)
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Ai is an ordinary girl, and a dancer. Her friend Machi is also a dancer, but Machi is a genius. Watching Machi's talent often makes Ai feel down. But one day, Ai finds out Machi's secret: the existence of the Aguu, palm-size entities who grant genius talent upon those who hold them. In order to save Machi, who has become a "Seamstress" who makes Aguu, Ai becomes a "Savior." The Saviors are a group of people who have fought the Seamstresses for generations.

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Toy Oct 2, 2018
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Spoilers ahead. Aguu:Tensai Ningyou is a very strange story that defines natural talent as a divine gift, in which an aspect of a deity acts as a guardian to people. As such though, there are those who can sew the life of these people, and their deity, to the living world. These seamstresses subdue and curse these people, allowing them to tie them to another person granting them... read more

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