Aggretsuko 5

Web (10 eps x 18 min)
3.881 out of 5 from 824 votes
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The fifth season of Aggretsuko.

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**SPOILERS DONT READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU HAVENT WATCHED THE SHOW** I’ve watched the whole entirety of Aggresuko since 2018 when I was a broke student who had no job and here I am in 2023 having a job so I’m a lot more relatable to the characters then ever before lol. It’s just mad that it has finally ended and yeah I have to say overall it was pretty good but the final episode was really the one that was a bit of a turn-off. I honestly thought it was pretty rushed in terms regarding the mystery surrounding who the real Truck-kun was and the girl who Haida met at the Internet cafe. There were no hints or even deep details to fully explain the backgrounds of these side characters which was a shame. I mean I think the final episode needed to be an hour long than 33 minutes if they were badly running out of time to explain everything. It was cute though that Haida and Retsuko got hitched all of sudden, although I really wanted to see what they were like on their wedding pictures, why do this to us?! 😭 I even liked Haidas bro (yes he’s an azz I know but he a fine boy yall xD) To add, I was so happy that the OTM girl band came back for more bangers so definitely going to put the songs on repeat! I’m disappointed that it didn’t have a proper hooray in my personal opinion but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it cause I really did. It did show real life scenarios in terms of unemployment and politics which I appreciated but it’s basically the final episodes fault that it didn’t have the same flow as the other episodes….

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