Aggretsuko 3

Alt title: Aggressive Retsuko 3

Web (10 eps x 15 min)
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This season was not the greatest, especially after two seasons of amazing content.  The main problem I have with this season is OTM Girls. Retsuko has spent the entire series trying to find a place to belong so that she can answer the question she keeps asking herself, "What am I even doing?" I don't believe that Retsuko is cut out for the life of an idol, no matter how short a time she experienced it. Without the "fan" that caused the ending, she would have probably continued with it, but most likely with a worse fate. She even stated from the beginning that she didn't want to do it. For this, I have to agree with Ton's speech after he found out Retsuko was in debt. First off, even though he is sexist among other things, his character is extremely well written and authentic. He cares for Retsuko, as much as a boss can for their worker, but has trouble showing it. The last two episodes really shows a slight character development in Ton that isn't very noticeable. He shows that he cares more for his workers than everyone previously thought a couple times throughout the show, so this isn't the first time he's done this.  Now, getting into what I'm actually talking about, Retsuko tells Ton that singing in the idol group isn't about the debt she owes anymore. She goes on to explain that they are her friends and they're achieving their dreams together, so she finally feels like she's a part of something. This is seen when she receives her first paycheck and feels like she actually earned the money, unlike the salary she makes as an office accountant. This, to me, makes sense, but doesn't suit Retsuko.  Ton says, "I bet you're enjoying life right now. You may feel reborn after finding a new place to fit in, but you have nowhere to run. Debts pile up before you know it and debt collectors will come knocking. Will you be able to handle that? You'll have to make a choice eventually. What will you do then? Of course, if you've already watched it, you know how that turns out. Ton's speech, though spoken harshly, is the sad truth. Retsuko is living a fantasy by being in the idol group. Eventually, she will have to make the choice to continue with her false dream of being an idol or the job she's been actively trying to escape from up until this point. I don't think she ever really wanted to be an idol. She was pressured into it and eventually had a false sense of hope because she was made to believe that it was her dream to be an idol. The reality of it is, Retsuko never wanted to be an idol. She just wanted to feel like her life had meaning. She wanted to live a fanticized happy life at all times that is free from working stress.  We can't be happy all the time, however. When Retsuko realizes this, she realizes her true purpose in life. Though it's never said explicitly, Retsuko is most happiest with her friends and job, despite the stress and real world problems. That's just life.

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