Aggretsuko 3

Alt title: Aggressive Retsuko 3

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Spoilers!  Story  This was plot-wise certainly the most fascinating season out of the three I've seen far. I was really fascinated by the musical themes. It tackled multiple different music genres at once.  If I have something negative to say, I didn't really like the otome game subplot. Otome fans already have quite a lot of negative stigma. Playing otome games doesn't automatically mean you're suddenly addicted and deep in the gacha hole. Also this series' didn't seem to quite get what's the point of those games. Usually otoges have plot, some are even plot-focused. The boyfriend simulator Retsuko got looked like some sort of shitty mobile game. Oh well, at least they got Yuuki Kaji to voice the unicorn man, got at least that part right!  I'm also left with a bit of conflicted feelings with the finale. First of all, the stalker plot was really great and a good description of how messed up fan culture can be at its worst. I also loved the idea that Haida wanted to become somebody Retsuko can rely on. It was really sweet of him and the others to try to help jer get back up to her feet. However, I feel like the went a bit too extreme with the part were they tried to get Retsuko to the karaoke place. To a person who was just recently assaulted, a guy suddenly grabbign hand and asking to follow must have felt traumatic. I get that they meant well but the excecution of their plan was lacking.  As for Haida's song, I feel like the sub didn't do it justice. The memetic "Sounds chicken to me!" was a bit of a mistranslation. The correct one would be something like "Are you okay with this?", which sounds a lot less mocking.  And finally, I loved that Retsuko's story with OTM Girls ended with a high note. Some people simply can't handle the negative sides of being a celebrity and that's completely fine. I also liked how the story messaged that some people don't have big dreams and that's completely fine. Nowadays society glamourizes people who succeed greatly in life, those who invent and explore, fight and change the world. Not everyone is meant to be a rocket scientist or a CEO. Or a popular singer. Music  The OST was a total banger this time. I was first afraid that the idol group wouldn't have actual music but no, we got some legit good tunes. I also liked Haida's little solo. I mean, both of them.  Animation  I'm not imagining (I think), the animation is getting better and better!! They actually animated the bass playing and the guitar chords right! That's a lot and something I usually see only on music-centered animes (I mean, this is one, kind of...)  Characters  The characters were once again stellar. I really liked Manaka. They could have easily written her as a one-dimensional diva, but there was a lot more to her than what one would guess.  I was expecting the whole time that Hyodo, a guy with yakuza manners and yakuza speech turn out to be a yakuza. In the end I'm both amused and dissapointed.  Inui was a charming character but I get why she and Haida didn't end up together. Sometimes life just doesn't go that way. I feel like Haida wouldn't have been ready to let go of his feelings for Retsuko, making his and Inui's relationship miserable. I hope Inui finds happiness with someone else.  Haida really opened to be even more complex of a character. He has a lot of internal conflicts and I'm curious to see, how they'll be resolved.

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