Aggretsuko (2016)

Alt title: Aggressive Retsuko (2016)


Food porn in anime by sothis

These anime have mouthwatering, delectable food porn shots within. Either it's the basis of the full series, or incredible food shots appear sporadically in only a few episodes. Call out titles that should be in the list in the...

Cute anime with no plot to relax while watching <3 by Chiifox

just some anime with cute characters, maybe some comedy, and typical slife-of-life format. don't expect any character development or storyline :) will always be a wip because I'll keep finding more to put in here!

anime for older adults by Stela

grown-up characters and more complex themes; anime I appreciated as I got older because they had interesting things to say and food for thought, so this list leans towards the serious side, I guess

Top 50 obscure shows (shorts not included) by Nicknames

This list is for those non-sequel shows that were marked as watched by 3000 people or less. I also excluded shows that aired recently and was watched by more than 2000 people since they will reach the "3000 watched" limit soon.

Christmas in Anime by chii

If you know of any I'm missing leave a comment with the episode number and I'll add it

Giggle-worthy anime. (⌒▽⌒) by Aerythrin

Pretty self-explanatory. Anime which made me laugh, giggle, snort, or various other forms of laughter. In alphabetical order.

Shows With Talking Animals by AnnaSartin

Anime series that have at least one talking animal in them.