Afterglow: Tsunagu, Soramoyou - Custom lists

  • Anonymous Noise
  • Angel's 3Piece!
  • Ai Shite Night
  • Afterglow: Tsunagu, Soramoyou
  • Afterglow: That Is How I Roll!

Bands in Anime by Starra

These anime are about bands.

  • 22/7: Shampoo no Nioi ga Shita
  • 22/7: Rikai-sha
  • 22/7: Nani mo Shite Agerarenai
  • 22/7: Boku wa Sonzai Shiteinakatta
  • 2NE1: Hate You

Idol Music Videos: Extended Edition by Starra

Includes idol MVs, band MVs (which are basically the same thing) and other MVs that use music by real-life idol groups