After School in the Teacher's Lounge

Alt title: Houkago no Shokuinshitsu

OVA (2 eps x 27 min)
1994 - 1995
2.357 out of 5 from 914 votes
Rank #17,994

When Mitsuro Kawase starts a new job as an art teacher at a middle school, he is faced with an unexpected situation – the open and pushy advances of fellow teacher Toshiaki Kazama. Unsure about Toshiaki’s motives and his own feelings about their relationship, Mitsuro finds himself battling feelings of shame and confusion. But with the appearance of a woman intent on marrying Toshiaki - and Toshiaki’s growing frustration with Mitsuro’s indecisiveness - can Mitsuro accept Toshiaki’s feelings and come to terms with his own, before it’s too late?

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I gave these 2 OVAs a 2.5 BECAUSE I laughed my ass off!! SPOILERS: (I wrote teacher 1 and 2 bc I have no idea what their names were. Haha) OVA 1:  Played basically the same cheesy 90's 'romantic' music through the WHOLE episode until they had drops of water sound effects sprinkled in there. Not sure why. (This continued in the 2nd OVA too) This one was easy to understand what was going on but they don't give any background on this relationship at all. It just starts right away. Did I miss the beginning somehow? One teacher (Teacher 1) was super into the other teacher (Teacher 2) but the romance never actually started between them bc teacher 2 was in denial about his feelings I guess which makes OVA 2 so confusing. 😤 This one was kind of lighthearted compared to OVA 2 which was not at all.  OVA 2: Pretty much same crappy music with water drops on occasion but this time it's like the relationship has been going on for forever or something and the 2 characters are totally different than the 1st episode. Did I miss the middle episode this time somehow? I am so confused as to where the missing episodes went!!! 🤣 This is just all over the place and so overly dramatic especially compared to the 1st. Teacher 1 is dating a girl and teacher 2 is super jealous of course. Weird bc the ending of OVA 1 he was crazy for teacher 2!!! WTF 😒🤯 Overall the animation was pretty bad even for the 90's as other reviews have said. Their bodies are totally disproportionate but I guess that's kinda the norm for 90's anime but this is unusually bad. Music was the same tune in both OVAs and it never really stopped for breaks unless the water drop sounds I LOOOVE so much come in. Ha! I'm pretty sure as I said that there is an episode OR 2 missing or maybe it was lost on the drawing room floor and they just said to hell with it. Who knows. Basically I was lost and still am. This had the potential to be decent but it wasn't. I did laugh a lot at the many things that were just wrong in this anime. It's a fun watch if you're not expecting much and are truly bored. 🥱

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