Afro Samurai Resurrection

Movie (1 ep x 101 min)
3.743 out of 5 from 10,388 votes
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Many years have passed since Afro fought to become the number one samurai and succeeded in avenging his father's murder. Living quietly and without violence, Afro maintains a quiet life until his peace is shattered by an old enemy Jinno and a mysterious woman. Together the two of them take the Number One headband from Afro as well as his father's decayed skull. Promising to torture him, the woman challenges Afro to seek out the Number Two Headband. Only then may he challenge her and grant his father peace once more. Who is this woman who wishes so much suffering on Afro, and how many lives must he take before he may once again put violence behind him?

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Afro Samurai Resurrection , the story of afro continues. After obtaining the number one head band and getting revenge for his fathers death afro decides on a life without fighting and rejects what comes along with the number one head band. But there is people who afro effected in the past and they aren't going to let him just reject what comes along with the number one head band. Afro is forced to fight once again and obtain the number two head band before he can fight for the number one again. But more is in store for afro. Afro will be forced to fight his deceased father. All these issues and more occure in the matter of this one movie. Story Afro samurai finaly continues its 5 episode streak with a movie. This movies story is pretty well put together. Afro is forced to join back in on the fighting and wil cause others pain once again but not only others but afro him self is forced to fight his own father along with his best friend and others. The story still felt very afro samurai to me not much changed. The colors changed a little and characters like gino changed with the time. Over all a good extension to the story. With all that said Afro maintains its 6.5/10 from the series. Animation Afros animation doesn't really change much. Little has changed. Some minor changes in chracters like bags under ginos eyes and a more bright setting for the show but over all not too much changes from afro samurai series. With that said Afro once again maintains its animation score of 7.3/10. Sound The sounds of afro change a little bit in this movie compared to the series. Having a large focus in a party during the fight for the number two head band was pretty sweet. All the music thrown together with the fighting and even some sex on the side higher the score a little from the series. I give the sound a solid 7/10 Characters The afro samurais chracters. DO they ever die? This series recycles chracter more then I have ever seen. Even with saying that you can't really hate the characters you have already fallen in love with. Along with the new characters introduced and killed of before the series it still turned out pretty good. The one redeemable chracter is the kid who reminds me so much of afro as a kid. Yes that was the point of this chracter I am sure of it. Ending the movie passing the number two off to the child and telling him to come after you when he is ready. Yes this helps redeem its score andf throw it over to a solid 7/10 Overall This is a must see for anyone who has seen the series and enjoyed it. It really helps to continue the story and even keep you wondering what will happen next. Although that be said Afro Samurai Resurrection only gets a 6.825/10 from me. If you didn't see the series I wouldn't recomend it 100% although it is still a good movie to help extend the series.


<center>Afro Samurai: Ressurection </center> Overall: 8.9/10 Afro Samurai is definitely a very unique anime. I have yet to see something much like it, which might be a good thing. Overall, I definitely enjoyed the movie more then I did the actual (5 episode) series. The plot seemed to have more life to it, the fight scenes were much more action packed and intense. Actually, the main (only) reason I scored this anime a 9.0 was for the great fighting scenes. Animation: 9.0/10 The animation was pretty good. For the year it was released, it was definitely not bad. That's about all there is to it. Characters: 7.8/10 Afro Samurai is portrayed as a "badass gangsta samurai," which I find slightly humerus. The main character is basically a demon who sold his soul a long time ago for revenge on his father. Endlessly killing people who get in his way. Along with his insanity, is Ninja Ninja, his imaginary traveling companion, who, how should I say this.. All in all, the sad thing may be I liked the "minor" character who wore the #2 headband the most out of the entire cast. Sound: 8.7/10 Now, I'm not a huge fan of rap (excluding Eminem), but I have to admit, Afro Samurai: Resurrection did have some pretty catchy beats to it. The English dub (is there even a sub for this?) was very well done. The music was was well matched to the fighting scenes as well. (There I go again. I just can't think of much else to say about the movie.) Plot: 7.9/10 Guy has #1 headband. Guy gets killed. Son wants revenge. Son gets #2 headband. Son kills #1. Son gets #1 headband. Repeat. It's unique in a sense, but definitely nothing special. Honestly, again, the only real good thing about this anime is the fighting scenes. The plot is dull, the characters are meh, the music is not to bad, but that's really all there is to it.Read the formatted version here

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