AD Police

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AD Police

As the current crime wave in Genom City escalates, pressure mounts for the A.D. Police to stop the growing number of mutating cyborgs known as VOOMERS. Throughout this crisis, the personal relationships between members of the elite squad of robot hunters are strained to the breaking point. Special Officer Kenji Sasaki makes an uncommon leap of faith when reluctantly accepting Hans Kleif as his new partner. But he must still fight his own personal demons if he is ever going to survive the threat that faces the A.D. Police and he needs to get to the bottom of this techno-mystery and keep the VOOMERS from turning Genom City into a high-tech wasteland.

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PREFACE Bubblegum Crisis was somewhat cool as a silly sci-fi of the 80’s, and A.D. Police Files were somewhat decent as a few extra well made side missions in the same universe. A.D. Police on the other hand is a ridiculous spin-off that not only makes the franchise look bad but also came out in a time where sci-fi had evolved by miles and thus felt completely retarded. THE STAFF - Studio AIC tried to milk the basic idea by dumbing it down and offering it to little kids and the result was of course not good. - They even let Ueda Hidehito to direct it, a man who never produced a single good show in his career. The fail was easy to spot from miles away. SCRIPT If you know of Bublegum Crisis, you know the drill of the series. Cyborgs named Boomers go crazy, police team goes to stop them. This series alters this formula by having corrupt politicians and businessmen taking advantage of the situation and creating or even becoming Boomers. Unfortunately, the main idea gets boring quite soon as the series is more about shallow politics and pointless violence, rather than the moral and philosophical debate of the original. -The 12 episode series could easily be summed up in less than half the episodes. -The plot isn’t anything special. Just avoid incoming fire, find an opening, hit the bad robot’s core, and chase the crooked villain is all there is to that. -Boomers are no longer cyborgs with human intellect that go haywire under psychological pressure. They are faceless, tentacle sprouting drones, used as cannon fodder in battles to drag the story on forever.In all, the series could easily be summed up into a movie, which would still be inferior to the original. The whole conspiracy thing wasn’t anything new and was even predictable from miles away. PRODUCTION VALUES -The series fails completely to present a dystopian world, gone amok on technology. It’s just your average-looking futuristic city with its crooked politicians and cool-looking cops. They could easily dub the series Future Lethal Weapon and you wouldn’t notice the difference. -The general artwork is plain and doesn’t give off the feeling of technological fear. It’s just pretty cops, busty chicks and dumb-looking faceless robots to shoot at for fun.-The character figures are generic and forgettable. -All transformations made by nanomachines look so fake that you could easily think it’s some curse or black magic rather than technology on the work. -The action scenes are boring most of the time. No real strategy or cool explosions to look around.-Music themes and voice acting are average at best. Nothing that you will hymn or sing when you are bored. CAST “Who are these guys? Do I even give a damn about them?” That’s what I was thinking from the very first episode. Suppose we have this edgy male youth, teaming with a pretty boy and going out there to save the day with their acrobats and charming smiles. Suppose we have this uninteresting villain, creating Boomers for a rich and crooked politician. And suppose we have a drama hovering somewhere around them. Do you think it’s enough for a story? Nope! They are stereotypical, undeveloped, boring and forgettable. The ending of the series was the only part that tried to give them some depth. Some, I say. It is still nothing compared to the snoring dialogues and boring gimmicks of theirs we had to endure for 10 whole episodes. Just imagine that there were 20 more characters there, none of which offered anything important or interesting to the story. LEGACY How can I give value and enjoyment to a series that doesn’t have any? Inferior to the original, boring, uninteresting and forgettable are the only words for it. More of a spin-off than a prequel, this series is nothing much to bother with. Just stick to your good old Bublegum Crisis. SUGGESTION LIST Movies With Real Actors: Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic, Blade Runner, Tron, The 13th Floor, eXistenZ. Books: Neuromancer, Do Machines Dream Of Electronic Sheep? Anime: Ghost In The Shell, Zegapain, .hack//SIGN, Animatrix.

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