Actually, I Am…

Alt title: Jitsu wa Watashi wa

TV (13 eps)
3.605 out of 5 from 5,395 votes
Rank #2,827

Asahi Kuromine is a high school student who supposedly cannot keep a secret. One day he spots his crush Yoko Shiragami, unfurling a large pair of wings from her back. She explains to him that she is a vampire and is only able to attend a normal school on the condition that no one discover her true identity. Asahi swears to keep her secret but finds it hard to maintain seeing as how Yoko herself is an airhead and Asahi's friend Mikan keeps bullying the two of them.

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I'll Confess! image

Episode 1

I'll Confess!

I'll Keep This Secret! image

Episode 2

I'll Keep This Secret!

Beware Childhood Friends! image

Episode 3

Beware Childhood Friends!

Help the Class Rep! image

Episode 4

Help the Class Rep!

Let's Go on a... Date? image

Episode 5

Let's Go on a... Date?

Beware of the Wolf Man! image

Episode 6

Beware of the Wolf Man!

Let's Get Sexy! image

Episode 7

Let's Get Sexy!

Let's Save the World! image

Episode 8

Let's Save the World!

Let's Put On Our Swimsuits! image

Episode 9

Let's Put On Our Swimsuits!

Let's Be Honest! image

Episode 10

Let's Be Honest!

Let's Go to the Summer Festival! image

Episode 11

Let's Go to the Summer Festival!

Let's Stop This Confession! image

Episode 12

Let's Stop This Confession!

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zephyrre's avatar
zephyrre Oct 8, 2015
Score 5.5/10

Jitsu wa is a mediocre anime. You might not think so at first: you might think that it's actually something special, as I myself did, drawn in by the comedy, nice animation and good songs, and even after the bland ecchi filler starts to creep (read: rush) in, even after you've heard the two "this is an emotional scene" songs ad nauseam, you might, as I did, hold on to... read more

CaptainSlow's avatar
CaptainSlow Dec 16, 2015
Score 5/10

What I Liked: The soundtrack was appropriately modern. Both the OP and ED. Great, exaggerated voice acting all-round. Unique and interesting character designs. Backgrounds and set designs are brilliant, as well as the colour palette used throughout. Shiho, surprisingly. The humour, occasionally. What I Didn't: The open-ended ending. The cookie-cutter characterisation. The fact that all the main female... read more

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