Active Raid

Alt title: Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hakkei

TV (12 eps)
2.222 out of 5 from 1,807 votes
Rank #8,952
Active Raid

Set in a futuristic Tokyo, Active Raid tells the story of “The Eighth,” a rash and careless unit of power-armored police called the “5th Special Public Security Section’s Mobile Assault Division.” After the Third Quicksand Disaster sinks Tokyo into a quagmire, the city's reconstruction efforts are carried out using high-output, reinforced exoskeletons called Willwears. But they can also be misused, and to combat the rising number of crimes involving them, the National Police Agency establishes at its Kichioji Branch the Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit, AKA Unit 8.

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This review is written after the release of episode four Active Raid on Crunchy Roll. Active Raid is a fast paced mecha comedy, set in the near future in a highly urbanized Japanese city. Which city is either not stated or I don't remember. Doesn't matter they are all the same anyway. A new international unit called Active Raid is created to tackle rising global crime. They have access to mechas called Will Wear. Though in my mind they are more like elaborate suits of armour than vehicles.       In summary they fight outlaws who use other versions of these mechs/suits to help them commit crimes. The regular police are useless as these mechs turn a person into the equivalent of a highly mobile battle tank capable of inflicting enormous damage on the environment like knocking down buildings and killing people. Though they rarely seem to do the latter. The animation is par for the course these days, nothing spectacular but it does it's job well. The opening and closing sound track are enjoyable and adequately set the mood and pace for the show. Amusingly brisk track. Music tracks played throughout do likewise. Voice acting is slightly subdued this done intentionally to amplify the comedy of the dialogue.     Watch the gayest mecha transformation scene to date.   The plot is episodically formulaic. Opening music track, Active Raid members living their 'normal' lives, shut-in NEET antagonist hatches plot, bunch of stupid ordinary thugs commit some crime at behest of main antagonist, halfway point, Active Raid spring into action and confront stupid ordinary thugs in a battle and win, closing dialogue, ending music track. Repeat next episode. Don't watch this for intricate plot!     The characters are all the standard cut-outs for a show like this. They exist to be laughed at. The absurdity of their thoughts and feelings is exacerbated by the seriousness by which they express them. Kazari Asami and the Red head Boss (I forget her name) are the best. They personify hypocrisy. Active Raid is a satire of mecha/cop/hero tropes. Watch the first two episodes and if they don't entertain you then this series was not made for you.

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