Ace of the Diamond: Second Season

Alt title: Diamond no Ace: Second Season

TV (51 eps)
2015 - 2016
Spring 2015
4.426 out of 5 from 2,675 votes
Rank #182
Ace of the Diamond: Second Season

Coach Kataoka takes the failure to reach nationals upon himself as some shortcoming in himself. With the fall tournament presenting a new chance to reach nationals the team strives to overcome gaps left by the third years absence. As they strive to improve they retainthe hope of making nationals and keeping their treasured coach from retiring. The battle to hold the position of ace between Sawamura, Furuya and Nori continues bringing new strengths to the team

Source: ANN

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Howling In the Summer image

Episode 1

Howling In the Summer

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Episode 2

The Summer Heat Haze

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Episode 3

The Kings of Summer

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Episode 4

The Fall Tournament Begins!

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Episode 5

The Cold Rain

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Episode 6

Out of Order

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Episode 7

Where I Am

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Episode 8


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Episode 9

My Path

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Episode 10

Did You Just Pitch...

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Episode 11

The Underdog Story

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Episode 12


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Archemetes's avatar
Archemetes Dec 6, 2015
Score 6.5/10

Update: Finished. Story lowered from 5 to 3 because of the ending; characters from 7 to 4. I'm writing this at episode 35 of the second season. If you've watched many sports anime, you won't be surprised by anything plotwise. It feels as though the story is stretched in an attempt to add depth, but I'd say that they've failed to do so. The characters still feel one dimensional at this point, and the little... read more

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