Ace Attorney

Alt title: Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari!

TV (24 eps)
2.645 out of 5 from 2,500 votes
Rank #6,610
Ace Attorney

Adapted from the popular video game franchise, Ace Attorney follows rookie lawyer Naruhodou Ryuuichi (Phoenix Wright) and his assistant Mayoi (Maya) as he defends his clients in a court of law. With limited evidence and logic as his only weapon, can Naruhodou turn the case around when all the odds are stacked against him?

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Episode 1

The First Turnabout

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Episode 2

Turnabout Sisters — 1st Trial

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Episode 3

Turnabout Sisters — 2nd Trial

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Turnabout Sisters - Last Trial

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Turnabout Samurai — 2nd Trial

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Turnabout Samurai — Last Trial

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Turnabout Goodbyes — 1st Trial

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Episode 9

Turnabout Goodbyes — 2nd Trial

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Turnabout Goodbyes — 3rd Trial

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Turnabout Goodbyes — 4th Trial

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Turnabout Goodbyes — Last Trial

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PurplePeopleEater's avatar
PurplePeopleEater Apr 13, 2016
Score 2/10

IMPORTANT!! Before anyone makes anymore stupid comments about this review, I want to make some things very clear. 1. I HAVE NOT PLAYED THE GAME! Nor do I have any intention to. I don't even own a game system so it's not even plausable. After watching this, I wouldn't play them even if I did play games. I have a phone that plays solitaire and suduko. 2. This review isn't meant for people who have played the... read more

Ggminasyan's avatar
Ggminasyan Apr 4, 2016
Score 10/10

Note:This anime is in progress so this review will be changed after more episodes come out of the anime. Based on what I saw in the first episode,I am SO into this anime.The animation is the perfect one for this anime,especially how it looks exactly like the animation used in the modern PW games.The characters are just like you remember them from the movie.The most perfectly accurate one must clearly be Larry... read more

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