Acchi Kocchi

Alt title: Place to Place

TV (12 eps)
3.967 out of 5 from 9,103 votes
Rank #1,404

Everyone has a circle of friends they hang out with. But even within a small group there are smaller groups of friends, best friends and, here's where it gets complicated, boyfriends and girlfriends. Sometimes relationships just develop in a way where you're not exactly sure what you are to the other person. Which is the problem Tsukimi has when it comes to Io: he seems to be totally clueless about how she's starting to feel. It's a puzzle she'll have to solve in Place to Place.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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(Sub) Here ~ There image

Episode 1

(Sub) Here ~ There

(Sub) Delicious Cakes ~ Valentine Lipstick image

Episode 2

(Sub) Delicious Cakes ~ Valentine Lipstick

(Sub) Relentless Snowball Fight ~ Cooking Class (Burn) image

Episode 3

(Sub) Relentless Snowball Fight ~ Cooking Class (Burn)

(Sub) I Want to Catch ~ Donna Donna of Love image

Episode 4

(Sub) I Want to Catch ~ Donna Donna of Love

(Sub) Attack! ~ Nyanber Nyan! image

Episode 5

(Sub) Attack! ~ Nyanber Nyan!

(Sub) Pool & Shirt ~ Homework image

Episode 6

(Sub) Pool & Shirt ~ Homework

(Sub) Mountains! Rivers! ~ Barbeque image

Episode 7

(Sub) Mountains! Rivers! ~ Barbeque

(Sub) Summer Homework ~ Summer Festival image

Episode 8

(Sub) Summer Homework ~ Summer Festival

(Sub) Dress Me Up! ~ School Festival of Love & Romance image

Episode 9

(Sub) Dress Me Up! ~ School Festival of Love & Romance

(Sub) Bear Encounter ~ Lovelymas image

Episode 10

(Sub) Bear Encounter ~ Lovelymas

(Sub) I Look Foward to You in the New Year ~ Rice Cake Game image

Episode 11

(Sub) I Look Foward to You in the New Year ~ Rice Cake Game

(Sub) Sweet Gem ~ Chocolate Vale Tudo image

Episode 12

(Sub) Sweet Gem ~ Chocolate Vale Tudo

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AngelBeatsYui's avatar
AngelBeatsYui May 6, 2014
Score 6/10

Warning this review may contain spoilers-
So this is my review for the slice of life/romance/moe anime Acchi Kocchi. So lets get started...the story to start of is sweet and light-hearted. However was slightly random when you look at it. In the end it was you typical school life/slice of life animes. The animation was pretty simple when it came to character designs, however these designs fitted the style... read more

VergelAnimeFan's avatar
VergelAnimeFan Aug 30, 2012
Score 9.5/10

Acchi Kocchi looked like a good anime for me to watch at first. After finishing it, ive got to say, kudos to Fumitoshi Oizaki and the AIC staff for directing such a good anime. It was certainly a good anime that sticks out to me.  As far as story goes, this is a comedy. there isnt really much of a story here, but there is a good heck lot of comedy here, of course... read more

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