Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika

OVA (10 eps x 3 min)
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Busty, shallow Koko and Mika are two famous celebrities whose lives are anything but normal. Even a typical vacation day to the beach can mean potential disaster for the pair, as sinister forces want to get their hands on the butt-kicking beauties for their own reasons. Luckily for Koko and Mika, their breasts manage to help them out in any situation, whether vibrating when danger is afoot, or blowing up to an immense size to serve as air bags in a car crash!

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This has got to be one of the saddest excuses for an anime I've ever seen in my entire life that I literally bite my tongue for calling it an anime. Sadly though, and here is a bit of akn known fact about me, once I start a show I do everything in my power to watch the whole thing first before judging. *takes deep breathe* First let me get this out the way... if something like, I don't know busty women, with a storyline that doesn't even make any sort of sense is written down on paper, it should be shredded immediately, then bang your head 20 times on a marble table while promising yourself to never make crap like this into anything more than a mere dream gone bad. *Phew* Now that that's out of my system, lets get to the actual review shall we.   Story: I nearly barfed as I sat in my bed trying to digest this "anime" storyline. I did get the gist of it but my brain hurts too much to try to explain things. Moving on...   Animation: I love voluptuous women as much as the next guy, but seriously this was the only that this show had going for it. Of course I think that the animators seriously did do a decent job, even though there were some drawbacks in production value. To be honest though everything seemed really cheesy in a sense that I got this nostalgic feeling of "it's been done already" every single episode that I watched. I think the animators did just what they intended but it didn't come out the way they wanted viewers to see it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.   Sound: Surprisingly I like the sounds from this show, which is surprising coming from this piece of crap. The soundtrack was a bit laid back, but the explosions, shots and other worldly sounds weren't too bad. I wasn't expecting too much from the voice actors but I was a bit surprised that they had a team that did a pretty decent job. Although it didn't help this show at all to be blunt.   Characters: Ok let me first start by saying that I love women and all of their fine glory in every shape, way and form. Don't believe me you can ask one of my closest friends who knows me more than my family does. Anyway, Koko and Mika are a pair of hotties who also kick major arse whereever they go. They are seemingly stalked by some noob who's name I forget at this point and the shite hits the fan as my brain just imploded thinking about the everyone else that was brought out in this show. I felt little connection to any of the characters outside of a minor remembrance of some old eechi manga I borrowed from a friend a while back.   Overall: I DO NOT recommend this piece of crap to anyone with half a brain. If you're watching this, drop it asap as your brain will feel like deep fried mush after watching this trash. If you;re curious then feel free, but I'll leave that up to you. Well dear friends that's all for now, I'll be back with another review, hopefully nothing like this show will pop up on me again. Oh and by the way, you'll have more fun gouging your eyes out than watching this piece of crap.


It's both really easy and really difficult to claim that something as "the worst" of any particular medium. It's really easy in the sense anyone can hyperbolically claim something is "the worst" based on their personal preferences and/or depending on their hatred of said thing. It can also be really difficult from a critical standpoint, since things can be bad for a variety of reasons, and you can always call something worse. Usually, most forms of media have SOMETHING redeemable about them, even if they're really easy to hate or make fun of when it comes to their flaws. Personally, I very rarely call something "the worst", even if I absolutely loathe it. But in this case, I think I have to make an exception. "Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika" is one of the worst things in any medium, let alone anime, that I've ever seen, and it comes in swinging hard for that title. Abunai Sisters is a short 10 episode OVA released in 2009, barely lasting ~30 minutes total. It barely sold over 250 copies of the DVD. Considering that the first 500 copies to be pre-ordered came with bonuses such as figurines, discounts, and even shout-outs to those first 500 "lucky" enough to have pre-ordered, so it comes off as extra sad that almost no one pre-ordered the thing. But it's incredibly easy to see why no one did, because owning a copy would be one of the most embarrassing things to have in your library, and that includes hentai. And to make it more insulting, this was produced by PRODUCTION I.G. of all companies. These are the guys who released Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, FLCL, The Sky Crawlers, and a lot more high quality stuff released both before and after the release of Abunai Sisters, which begs the question of how and why this was released. Did someone at the company lose a bet? Or did someone have get an injury to the head and accidentally approve this? Unsurprisingly, only two episodes of this managed to make it to television. An for a while, those two episodes were the only thing you could get your hands on. At some point, all of the episodes were uploaded to various anime torrent sides. But for some bizarre reason, whoever uploaded them uploaded them with the characters voices pitched up, so the entire thing becomes un-listenable. There does exist a copy where the voices are normal though. But enough about that, let's just into the series. When it comes to plot, there is no plot. It's about two large breasted bimbos who happened to be some sort of secret agents and they both get into hijinks where the two bad guys, a woman with an oversized head and her lackey either try to kill them or steal their "Boobie Stones". Yes, you read that right, the "Boobie Stones". The "Boobie Stones" keeps them young, as well as giving them "Boobie Powers", which save them from danger, and the bad guys want the power of the "Boobie Stones" for themselves. And that's pretty much the entire joke. I can't believe I read that, let alone had to type that out for this review. And the rest of the series isn't much better either. The animation is awful. It barely reaches the PS1 era of CGI cutscene. Making the whole thing even weirder is that the animation is motion captured, which means that someone had to go out of there way to act out everything from this series in person. And now I'm just imagining footage and motion capture data out there on some hard drive somewhere in Production I.G., and a part of me wants to see it. There is no Japanese dub as far as I can tell. You read that right, there is no Japanese dub, only the English dub. And this is one of the worst English dubs that I've heard for anything, with the voices being a mix of nails on a chalkboard, wailing cats, and a bad case of tinnitus. I would say that it makes me want to take a rusty knife to my eardrums if only to never have to hear this atrocious dub ever again, but it's still going to haunt my nightmares. What little music there is just as grating as the voice acting, with the theme painfully drilling itself into your brain every time you hear it, wishing you had some aspirin every time it appears. There are so many other anime projects out there that should have got the time, money, and effort thrown at them instead of this. I would question why this was made in the first place, but I think I've found out the reason. Abunai Sisters was created to promote tabloid celebrities Kyoko and Mika Kano. I had absolutely no idea who they were, so I had to look them up. Apparently there is some controversy surrounding said sisters, since their lack of resemblance between them as well as their refusal to answer any questions about their age, which resulted in any reporting on their age to be entirely speculation, flamed rumors that they weren't even sisters at all, but just another group of tarento (television personalities) with a gimmick. There was even a third "sister" who initially made appearances with them, but apparently she withdrew from the public eye, and only makes the occasional appearance. So if I had to guess, Abunai Sisters was made entirely as a promotional piece, and tying that to a studio was some prestige behind it like Production I.G., would help in promoting the Kano sisters. Apparently there few a few other controversies with the sisters throughout the years too, but I'll leave that for another day, this tangent is long enough. You might think this might be good to laugh at while with friends while trying to have a drunk night of fun watching something bad to laugh at, but it isn't worth it. There are plenty of so-bad-it's-good anime out there like Garzey's Wing or the ADV dub of Ghost Stories. But if you're a masochist, there are copies floating out there. If you're curious, I recommend reading the story of how this got made and the people that this is based on rather than watching the anime itself. It's a far more interesting story.

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