About the Girl

Alt title: Shoujo Kou

Movie (1 ep x 3 min)
2.811 out of 5 from 121 votes
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An old man is trying to create a girl out of his memories. Little by little the doll is being made and given a physical body of machinery parts. The old man makes her as a pure creature, but she denies her identification. The doll demolishes herself, saying, “This is not Me!”

Source: Tokyo University of the Arts

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I gave it full stars because it is as advertized and for what it is, it deserves the stars and more views. Starting the short I was already loving the texture and sketchiness of the animation.I didn't give it full marks because the style was a bit inconsistent and I could tell it was made in Flash.It would have been more cinematic and impactful to use the same tecnique in the beginning few seconds with the hands throughout. Story Time: I will devide this review in 2 theories as watching it, I got the impression that it could be read in 2 ways. Theory I : It all actually Happened When 'the creation' looked back at the now aged man who smiled, the visual was pretty dynamic for a few reasons.It signaled that one, the man reflected in her eyes was only projecting this image of the perfect girl onto her and did not care of what he had really brought back or who she was.Another interesting thing to be noted, her returning the smile.In the end he was never in control of who she was no matter what he thought.And the 'soul' departed.I think as short as this story is it still drives through a powerful message. Projecting onto someone what they should or how they should be is not only wrong but based on a delusion. Additionally, something I have personally experienced; and something that has been adressed in shows like Steven Universe...Crushing on someone, does not mean you love/are in love with them.Or know them for that fact.To really know someone you like that way you need to have dated them.He seemed to behave like a dominant-owner type figure and based on what we see and hear, he never was her "boyfriend". The impression this leaves me with is that, he took a liking to her during War time. She had a short life which ended during said War. During which, this man, (who was in the army) crushed on her and thought her to be his, in a manner of "if only she had lived through the War." Not to mention that, if this girl indeed had the mind/dna /soul of the girl in question, as it was believed; She confirmed that her short time around him and behaviour were not a culmination of her as a person at all. What she perhaps presented/let him see and what she was where different. How he read her as an idealized submissive person was only just his wish.It's even implied that perhaps his feelings where unrequited when she was alive as well. Which would explain the manner in which the "soul" parted from the body, dissipating. Theory II : It was all in his mind Perhaps this entire short was his rumination.  He perhaps did have the bones and her somehow well preserved eye and imagined what it would be like to bring this person back, followed by the realization that he didn't in fact really know her. Thus the beginning being the same as the end. 

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