A3! Season Spring & Summer

TV (12 eps)
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Mankai Company is a far cry from its glory days as an all-male theater. With only one member left and debt collectors at the door, it’s no wonder Izumi Tachibana finds herself in over her head when she boldly confronts the yakuza’s loan sharks, promising to bring her father’s theater back into the spotlight. She might be able to recruit enough talent, but can they bloom into the actors she needs?

Source: Funimation

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A3! Season Spring & Summer was one of my favorite 2020 anime.  Story (9/10)  The Mankai Theater is plunged in the depths of bankruptcy, after the missing manager's wherabouts are unknown. To save the theater from being wrecked, the manager's daughter must create acting troupes symbolizing the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These troupes are scheduled to perform during their designated season in alternating rotations.  Character (10/10) After watching almost the entire first season, I witnessed all the characters going through steady but tremendous character development. Each theater troupe starts off with amateurish actors who lack professional theater experience, and can barely act. But as the show goes on, they work hard to overcome their shortcomings. A previous theater member is able to pinpoint each character's weaknesses. Each troupe starts off from scatch with conflicting values, and personalities. But from watching the show, I saw how even the most arrogant characters who only think of themselves...blossom in to a good leader, or mentor. Surprisingly, I was able to relate to the simple messages that the show conveys. A group of inexperienced actors who could barely get along in the beginning learn to cooperate, work together, and find a stage where they belong. During the main show, they cover for each other when they are in trouble.  Animation (10/10) The characters are very well drawn with detail-oriented and  beautiful male characters. The hair is beautifully shaded, and the characters are very attractive, and visually appealing.  Sound (9/10) A catchy Japanese pop-themed song plays in the background. 

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