A3! Season Autumn & Winter

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2020
3.922 out of 5 from 364 votes
Rank #1,942

Second season of A3! Season Spring & Summer.

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i made a previous review on this show for the first season , so i thought i would write a review for the second season as well . like i said in the previous review , i enjoyed playing the game and was happy to find out that an anime adaptation has been made to this . unfortunately only the first season has a dubbed version , but that doesnt cause me any issues  story : the story is the same as in season one but this time has included the other two season troupes , autumn and winter . the mankai company is severely in debt and is set to be demolished , however on the day of demolition izumi prevents this from happening and becomes chief director of the theatre . on top of the debt and demolition , there are now more challenges that await the members of the mankai theatre group . one of them being their theatre opponent the god troupe animation : once again the animation in my opinion was smooth and the design of the characters was well made . a lot of detail went into them and you can clearly see that from the way they made the characetrs hair ( it has nice shading in it and blends nicely ) and their surroundings  sound : the opening theme song was still as catchy as the first seasons was , same with the ending song  characters : the character development in this season was much more interesting compared to the first season . i feel like the characters in this season had a bit more depth to them and we got to see more emotions being expressed through each individual  overall this has become one of my favourite shows and im surprised at how not more people are talking about this . the plot isnt overly complicated which makes me like the simple aspect of it and even enjoy theatre acting more as a whole . its a good show to sit and relax to and even play in the background , its definitely worth watching and playing the game :]

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