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Alt title: Kimi no Iru Machi

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Dec 21, 2013

This anime, this anime, this anime. It makes me worry sometimes. Enough of that, this anime is really really emotional and is a great watch. Sorry for the lack of tags that this site hasn't updated on, but if I were to label it. : Slice of Life, Romance, Drama

The story. I might be giving it a little too much credit, but I feel it deserves this 9/10 rating. This anime starts off a little confusing, but the back-story is explained as you go. This anime starts off with a male lead desperately trying to find the girl he loves. Turns out, this girl already has someone else on her mind. So because of him getting rejected, he stays in Tokyo, after moving from Hiroshima, despite all the difficulties trying to get his shit together. After he finds out about all the drama of his girlfriend leaving for another, he finds one himself. Soon, both of the leads meet conflicting feelings as they try to clean the mess they created. Boom. It was a great story, but with the background information they gave the anime audience, I feel that many will disagree with me, a manga reader.

Animation... Oh boy, it was not very appealing. Standard. Standard. Standard, is all I have to say. There was not very many appealing animations. The talking was awkward. The mouths only move up and down when talking, so don't expect much masterpiece animation out of this, but what you can expect, is good visuals. That's why my ranking of the animation is higher popular view, I felt that the art made up for the animation, allowing me to give it a 7/10

The sound? I felt that the character voicing was above average. Nothing was wrong with it, but in fact, the voices sounded very nice. I loved the main character's accent and the way some of the manga characters sounded. And the opening song was quite fun. I liked the way it sounded but there are sometimes where the soundtrack doesn't fit the situation as strong. So, 8/10

Characters. I felt they were really strong, and easily likeable. All of the characters, I didn't find any to despise, but I did find a lot to like. And the main leads also showed a lot of character development in the story, as I expected. In the midst of the drama, the way the characters were portrayed, I couldn't bring myself to like his current girlfriend more, or the one he chased more. In my defense, I loved them both, and although the chased one isn't popular as she should be, that can be changed with a little reading from the manga. 10/10

This anime is well worth the watch. I'd definitely recommend those who love the genre of this anime to watch this. It was a good try, and the MANGA is a must read. If you can, or if you're willing to watch this, I'd read the manga, about the 1st 79.5 chapters to find the connection between leads more deep. 

Thanks for listening to my 2nd review, please point out anything I can improve on, and I hope you like the anime!

9/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Sep 30, 2013

If I could rename this anime, I would rename it to „Tenohira o kao ni ateru ni junbi“, which means „Prepare to facepalm“. Yes, I have never facepalmed as much as in this anime. And that is not enough, there were plenty of episodes, where I facepalmed more than once in single episode.  Now that is something unique. So, preparation word for you: if you are going to watch it, prepare yourself for facepalm. Just in case, put something soft on your desk, as you might deskpalm and that might actually hurt.


Now this is something, what was one of those: so fantastic idea, that creator must be genius or opposite; so bad that I simply have no description. To make it more confusing, I will answer it, it is both, what I mentioned. Story is so stupid, but at the same time so original. It makes you think things, what you might never think, during any other animes. It is really hard to explain, but once you have watched it, you will understand.

Story is about country dude, who falls in love with girl. That girl, whose name is Yuzuki, actually lives in Tokyo, but since her hating sister pretty muck kicks her out, she searches way, to live on. She does find that dude, whose name is Haruto, and falls in love with her. While that dude loves another girl, Yuzuki tries to help that dude with his love.  Obviously what happens is obvious: she loves him and he falls in love her, thus he forgets about his childhood love and wants to go out with Yuzuki.

If you think that’s the whole story, then no. Worst happens: Yuzuki leaves Haruto countless of times and Haruto tries to get her attention, with huge failure. The funny part is, both still love each other. So, when Yuzuki bitches and says “We can’t meet anymore”, with very emotional voice, Haruto finds new cool girlfriend, who actually cares about him.

Now if you think that’s end, of course not. Almost like destiny, Haruto meets Yuzuki again and well, rest should be obvious.

I simply cannot tell whole story, as it would be spoiling everything. When I did watch it, I thought one thing: “How much more drama can be in one anime?” If I would describe this anime with another anime, I would say one title, with small modification:

“School Days, with no murders”

Story receives 8/10, because it was different, but not that good, that it would receive more.


Yuck, awful. Seriously, I haven’t seen that bad animation for a while. Oh, before you start arguing, let me fix that part first: by awful, I don’t mean graphical part. Graphic was more than okay, but the exact: animation.

I don’t know how many times, there were points, where characters talked, but their mouths didn’t move. Please, at least do the basic, make the mouth move. How hard is that? I understood who talked, but it was so disturbing.

Secondly, there were too many motionless moments, where picture was still and absolutely nothing moved. It almost made feel; like it was done with hurry or creators were lazy. I mean, even naruto/one piece fillers have more animation, then this whole series.

It cannot receive more then 5/10. Animation was poor, but credit goes to visual pictures, some of them did look very good.

PS: The intro kissing was really strange and weird for me. Made Yuzuki look like B*atch, simply because of content...


If I think about sound, first thing what I remember is intro. Its music was rather good, while everything else wasn’t anything special, but nothing bad either. Well, most of the anime was without music, but they did put enough effort into background sounds. Since the story took place in countryside, we did hear a good countryside noise. You know, the typical one, which is rather easy to find, if you google a bit.

The amount of background music was rather poor thought. They did have some instrumental music at important parts, but if I am correct, they had total of music (including intro and outro) around 5, which is ridiculously small amount. But well, regardless of that, they did rather good job, what they did use. I didn’t really miss soundtrack, as I was facepalming too much anyway.

Thus, since it doesn’t have anything amazing, but nothing bad either, I give it 7/10.


If there was something good in that anime, it is that category. Every single character was developed so well. I mean, they all had unique traits, personalities. Who were for countryside, had accent, what actually was from that area. Some of them were cheerful, some of them were cool-type, everything felt well from that part.

If we think about the main characters, I must say that both of them were rather idiots, in their own way. I guess idiots do recognise each other. But both of them had also rather charming part of personality. I mean, Haruto never made up his mind. While he looked like cool character, he made so many idiotic choices, that when new episode released, first few comments were how idiot he was. I would even say that he was similar to Makoto from school days, except he didn’t think about sex and how many girlfriends he could have. But a lot of hate was around him.

And at the same time Yuzuki wasn’t better. He did have one excuse at one point, but after that excuse was eliminates, he yet again was a huge idiot and did something, what made me faceflippingpalm (don’t ask how I did that).

So basically, characters were so unique that it deserves 10/10. Creators really accomplished on putting us hate the main characters.


Now, I did give a lot negative critism, even after all of that, it is still anime, what is worth of watching. It is simply very unique, interesting and entertaining. All the bad actually gives you back with laugher and facepalms. How many times I have said facepalm already? So, by all means, if you like drama, want to be entertained and love love-stories; it might be just for you!

Total score: 7,5 / 10.

8/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Mar 25, 2022

Where to start with this show. It's another complex love triangle anime involving the common will the child-hood friend win or not situation, much like shows such as Golden Time, or Kimikiss. If you're a fan of said shows, by all means I highly recommend you watch A town where you live.

I'm gonna go ahead and get my review regarding animation & sound out of the way first. I don't have any gripes with animation, as it's not really a heavy detail point for me when a story is written as well as this one. The music and scoring however is near perfect, and I believe it's safe to say even the OP and Endings to this show fit it's theme extremely well. Every musical cue, introduction and fading of background music, it's all tactfully done, and frankly can peel out emotion from those who are sensitive. I binged this show late at night, but I can safely say if I were to be watching this show in a more lengthy period of time, I may have shed a tear or 2. It's also, extremely angsty. I haven't felt levels of tension in my chest watching this show aside from when I watched School Days, or read Citrus.

Now, story-wise. A town where you live environmentally is very pleasing. I'm a sucker for country-side eqque shows, Strawberry Panic, Myself; Yourself, True tears, all those are shows close to my heart. Our main character sets off on a unique route, desperately trying to find his ex-girlfriend from when she visted him in Hiroshima. It's not the run-of-the mill "Oh I'm moving back here" or "I recognize you" situation. Haruto is actively trying to seek out Yuzuki Eba, and it shows in his desperation, his emotion, and penultimately in the questionable decisions he makes in the latter third of the show. 

The main moral of this story is, you ultimately can't choose who you love. You can face years of separation, go through multiple relationships, but at the end of the day you'll find yourself still loving the same person after time has passed. It's truly a heartwarming story, A town where you live just handles it in a slightly more tense manner. 

For the sake of keeping spoilers out of the show, I won't discuss much in regards to the side/secondary characters, but I'll say they're all extremely important individuals who create much of the tension and emotion that the watcher may face. 

I'm off to read the manga now, and I'm just hoping that the show isn't a condensed version of the 261 chapters the original comic has. Have fun watching A town where you live. 

9/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Mar 24, 2019

As much as I hate to admit it, the only reason I watched this was because I watched Suzuka and Fuuka first, and wanted to "complete the set" so to speak. I was surprised. I usually don't get into the "romantic" animes, but for some reason I was hooked. I guess it was because some of the situations hit close to home. If your looking for an anime where peoples feeling don't get hurt, DO NOT WATCH THIS ONE. You will hurt. I now rank this as one of my favorite animes.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Jul 22, 2020


One of the most tragic anime I have ever seen.

Altough the end was kinda upsetting, the mc has its reasons, memories can haunt you at any time + an anime does not go how you want to just because you like it that way.

Sad romance animes have a special place in my heart and this one made me cry like a little girl.

I would have marked this a 10 if the end was a different one.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall