A Town Where You Live

Alt title: Kimi no Iru Machi

TV (12 eps)
3.319 out of 5 from 2,928 votes
Rank #3,837
A Town Where You Live

How far would you go for true love? All his friends said he was just being ''stupid'' and ''delusional,'' but Haruto just couldn't give up on her: Yuzuki, the girl that showed up on his doorstep one day, stole his heart the next, and then left just as abruptly as she arrived. With the faint hope of rekindling the romance they'd shared, Haruto decides to pursue her, moving away from the rural outskirts of Hiroshima to the big city of Tokyo. However, soon after arriving, he learns that Yuzuki has seemingly moved on and has a new boyfriend. No matter how hard Haruto tries, she refuses to see him and won't tell him the reason why she left him. He could move on, as many have urged him to, but is that truly what Yuzuki wants? He could try winning her back - after all, he's already moved to the town where she lives - but how much farther will he need to go?

Source: The Right Stuf International

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Episode 1


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Episode 2

When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Episode 3

Suddenly, a Kiss Outta Nowhere

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Declaration of War

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My True Feelings

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On the Night of Our Reunion

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Is it a Date?

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Beautiful Flowers

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A Town Where You Live

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Elven's avatar
Elven Sep 30, 2013
Score 7.5/10

If I could rename this anime, I would rename it to „Tenohira o kao ni ateru ni junbi“, which means „Prepare to facepalm“. Yes, I have never facepalmed as much as in this anime. And that is not enough, there were plenty of episodes, where I facepalmed more than once in single episode.  Now that is something unique. So, preparation word for you: if you are going to watch it, prepare... read more

Precursor's avatar
Precursor Dec 21, 2013
Score 8/10

This anime, this anime, this anime. It makes me worry sometimes. Enough of that, this anime is really really emotional and is a great watch. Sorry for the lack of tags that this site hasn't updated on, but if I were to label it. : Slice of Life, Romance, Drama

The story. I might be giving it a little too much credit, but I feel it deserves this 9/10 rating. This anime starts off a little... read more

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