A Time Slip of 10000 Years: Prime Rose

Alt title: Time Slip Ichimannen: Prime Rose

TV Special (1 ep x 85 min)
2.407 out of 5 from 83 votes
Rank #9,556

Humanity wasn’t prepared for the orbital fortress Death Mask to break in half and fall towards the ground, landing on two cities and sending them 10,000 years into the future. Gai is a time traveler who’s sent to determine the fate of those who were lost, with his stowaway little brother at his side. But what the pair didn’t expect to find is a barren, fantasy landscape filled with tribal warriors, slave traders and mystical creatures. Together with newfound friend Emiya, the boys find themselves in the midst of a tumultuous struggle between the evil Pirar and the people he’s enslaved.

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