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Alt title: Imouto sae Ireba Ii.

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Dec 24, 2017

Even though the title suggests that this is an incest, sister-obsessed Eromanga 2.0 but no, it's not. This anime is totally different. Most of the people must've put this anime on their "Won't Watch" list just by reading the title, but if you have reached till the reviews to check out if this is actually an incest anime, then you've done a good job. This anime is NOT INCEST. Its just that the main protagonist, who is also a light novel author, is a siscon. but fortunately he doesn't have a sister. Throughout the series, he just fantasies about his imaginary little sister, and write it as a novel. 
This anime is a mixture of slice-of-life, comedy, a little romance and...... ECHII. No no, not little sisters nor underaged girls saying "I love dicks" casually. All the characters are adults except the protagonist's brother who is a high schooler. The adults are like, naked sometimes (ofc girls only) and their excuse is "I can't write unless I'm naked~ Pehe~!" 

This might be your favourite anime of all time, or just an average anime passing through, but believe me, just give a try. 

Story (8/10)
This anime is about some light novel authors, how they live their daily life with their own difficulties and happiness.
The story was beautifully presented. This is one things i like about light novels, is that the whole series is based on how they present the story in mere words. It is really intriguing -every episodes ends in a cliffhanger- and makes you eager what happens next. All is interesting but, there were a lot of board games, which are just games and nothing else. No progression, just like a filler.

Animation & Sound (7/10 & 7/10)
Nothing much in this area. The OP and ED were really good and i never skipped them. The BGMs were ok too. But i really like the Voice acting of the characters, they were well done.

Characters (9/10)
The whole anime revolves around the characters, and heavily depends upon them. The story moves forward as characters develop. No characters are left out, everyone gets their time to present themselves to the viewers. The interactions between the characters is what makes the comedy and the story moving.

Overall (7.8/10)
This is nice, chilling and relaxing to watch. The BGMs and the characters set off a nice chill mood, accompanied by the low contrast animation. If you like slice-of-life comedy about light novel authors with some pinch of romance in it, then you should try this.

If you're piqued, then ill tell you why. 

NOT SO HUGE SPOILER, but hey its my job to say it.
They just show a story he wrote about two siblings (a bro and a sis) with his weird imouto fetishes. A little hint : the lil sis will be fully naked in the whole scene and the bro uses her bra like a towel after bathing and eats her used panties (not joking here)

8/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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Jan 10, 2018

Don't listen to the other reviews. Watch it for yourself and see if you like it or not. In my opinion, a solid show that's underated. 

7/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Oct 24, 2017

i ain't a fan of light novels, i'd rather stay clear of them, especially if they had the word "sister" in the title, i'd avoid it like the plague, just by reading that word in the title, i can imagine what it'll be about, a sleazy deviant incestuous fan service-ish fantasy, which is something quite common in LNs.

why do such shows fail miserably most of the time? because the sister is fetishised, and the subject and the themes of the incest relationships are never explored in a mature or a meaningful way. to my surprise, the show didn't have actual incest, instead of that it just has a light novel author with extreme levels of perversion who loves to write incesteous fantasies. jee, it's light novel trash about light novels, LIGHT NOVEL-CEPTION . it can never get cringier than this.

But wait, it sure can! The first three minutes of the episode were showing what kind of story our author is writing, and it's seriously fucked up, whoever wrote this thought it was a good idea to have a strong first impression on the audience, but the result is so creepy it ends up having the opposite effect. You can say it's a joke with the purpose of showing how crazy the protagonist's way of thinking, or how much he takes his little sister fetish. But here is the thing, if it was a joke then nobody is laughing, it's pure cringe. And anybody is excused for dropping the show after it, Even if the show wasn't really about that.

The show is mostly a comedy focusing on sex jokes and deviant sister fetishes jokes. i'd be fine with the show if that's what it was about, Haganai is another light novel adaption by the same author, and it's mainly harem/ecchi comedy. it's not only about that, it's also trying to have an insight into the light novel publishing industry, something that would be great if the show was more serious about it, but it's not because it's more focused in the comedy.

a thing that i appreciate from this show is having adult protagonists and no school settings, it makes for a fresh experience in a Copy-paste medium, where every show is following the same formulas without adding to them. The characters arem't just one note archetypes, they have their own internal struggles and conflicts. But the problem is that the show's mood keeps swinging too much, and with them constantly used for fan service and sex jokes, it's hard to take them seriously. you might say that the presentation is just optimistic, if it was realistic and focused it would be depressing and boring. here is the thing, there is a difference between light and humarous, and between cringy and stupid.

Another positive is the decent production values, the show looks and sounds great. And that's all the positive that I can say about it. it's not exactly a bad show, but with terrible first impressions, so many tonal shifts, and tons of fan service, the negative ended up overshadowing the positive, and it made it so it can never be taken seriously, while still trying to take itself seriously, so i can't say it's more than average.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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Jan 2, 2018

*spoiler-free review*

Y'all need sisters

Alright we all saw the first 2 minutes of this anime and then noped the fuck out of there, but what happens when you come back after that and muscle through it a little bit? Basically, it's more disappointing than you might believe. A sister's all you need is an anime that wants to draw you in and then shock the audience with graphic depictions of... depressing light novel industry workings. Wait what? I'm honestly a little blueballed here. You mean this isn't about the insane mind of a sister complexed boy so deeply lost in his fantasies and his adventures thereof? Goddammit. No it's more about a struggling author and his SoL he has with his weird friends. What could have been a staggeringly terrible anime ends up being a mass of wasted potential and ribbon panties.

The characters bring the mehness tenfold. The author isn't relatable at first but then you start really feeling for him with all that he goes through and to be honest it's quite well done his progression in the light novel job he has, having an editor and the stress that comes with that, choosing an artist when he gets a manga, seeing his visions fulfilled, and it's all surprisingly realistic. His friend has some problems too, dealing with is work in anime form being shat on by forum users, his projects failing, wanting to develop his own style, these are things that are shockingly relatable and stuff I've experienced myself and feared. 

And then there's this precious, adorable thing called Chihiro who must be protected but I won't talk about Chihiro because of spoilers.

There's this girl that struggles with her college life and figuring out where her life is going, and stuff, but that's about all that's great about Imouto. There's also a character called Goddammit Nayuta, a character so named because every time she does anything, you think "Goddammit Nayuta" in your head because she ruins things. She's sex jokes basically, and it's supposed to be charming or something. She brings the innuendos no matter where she is, a tabletop RPG, or even the frickin Zoo. I really don't like her. She has problems or whatever but I don't care because I don't like her. She brings what could be a decent character score down to average levels.

Animation-wise it's ok, the artstyle is charming enough but it doesn't take any animation liberties unless its showing you boobs. And it shows you those a lot because that's what it's all about. There's a lot of meaningless fanservice and nudity just because and it's not even funny.

Sound uh I didn't notice.

Story I feel like I covered more in the characters section because those are where the story comes from, but there's not a whole lot of progression. You get good development for the main characters throughout what happens which isn't much so the story really isn't all that important, the only overarching theme is the relationship between Nayuta and Protag, Itsuki. It's a meh development anyways.

Optimally this anime could have been great with a lot more polish, better execution, and a huge script re-work but there's a lot here that makes me disappointed it's as meh as it is. Not worth watching IMO.


4/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
4.6/10 overall
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Jan 12, 2018

If you don't want spoiler I just gonna say this is bad. Go and spend your time with some good imouto anime.

If you already watched the series or decided to not watch it you can continue reading because this is going to have spoilers.

This anime is adapted from a light novel. If you want to read it bad news because there are few translated works (not some that you can find easily) but there is a expected date to its official release. Because that we can't say if it's a good adaptation or not. But to be fair this isn't an imouto anime. Since Ero-manga sensei we thought no one could surpass the thrashy "imouto" content. But anime productors have made the imposible. To analize it better I'm going to separate the contents and review it.


The story is weak. It is based on Itsuki, a light novel writer, who obviously is a pimp and has two girls behind him that I'm going to develope in the characters section. He is a bit more popular than average writers. Since it's a slice of life anime is normal to not have a goal to persuade but the plot wasn't even of light novels anymore, it became something more like a Dagashi Kashi of Beer and table games. There were episodes of full time wasted in a match of a poor narrated role play and other of some kind of monopoly light novel writer life (is that really a thing in Japan?).

Besides that the central topic, the name of the anime isn't even explained until the last episode, in which is not about a sister but a book whose title is the name of the anime. Who is revealed in a flashback that presents a new character that has been appearing in the opening since the first episode. What happens with this order of facts, it's not normal and doesn't help in nothing to the plot. 

The imouto content is minimal to te point that the main character doesn't even know he has a sister. He thinks he has a brother for like 3 years, and he blushes when sees his "brother" doing cute things! What is this? Main character homo confirmed? but at least incest is wincest doesn't it... Well not certainly because his sister is not related by blood. And in the whole anime he didn't had a grasp of idea that his brother was really his sister. But his tax asessor discover this fact in a simple meeting. Simply it doesn't has sense.

There are some other content which it doesn't matter to much to be analized like the Nayu-Miyako fanservice moments, and other ones that almost made me drop this anime. But since I came for the imouto clickbait I stayed waiting to happen.

Story in resume: The plot apparts from its theme. Inexistent imouto content. Senseless facts.


 The Animation is not good but also not bad. Nothing to much to say besides it has nice drawings. 


First I had a few complainings about sound in general, the opening is average with nice song but not too good video, and the ending is an average low budget anime ending. 

The worst was when in the "climax" of the anime the opening song began to play. It was really bad timing and the moment even wasn't climax at all. 

About the seiyuus it was really asigned by the character archetypes like the borderline female of Chihiro, the rejected girl Miyako, and the plain main character friend. Nothing to be surprised for.


Here is the always problematic section.

Itsuki The main character is nothing special man that girls find handsome and cool for some reason. At first seen I thought he was dense like hell but no! He is egocentric as hell, to the point to reject Nayu because he wants to be the Main character in his life. Is a lazy as fuck writer that says to be hardworker. His sister does the house work for him. Really this character doesn't have a thing to be the important one in the series.

Nayu. This is the fanservice girl. She only can work naked, I'm good with that, there are people like that. The problem is the Ero-manga Sagiri kind of symptom to watch or touch other girls naked. She is in love with Itsuki just because he "saves" her with his novels. She's lewd and wants Itsuki's D and doesn't care to express in public.

Miyako. She is the rejected girl. Like Nanami from Sakurasou pet na Kanojo or Ayase in Oreimo or so many others victims of the non harems endings. She is in love with Itsuki but in deep she knows that he wants Nayu. This babygirl drinks beer like water really she doen't gave a hint of drunkenness.

That male character that does not get lewd. The main character friend who is a trully failure at work, with girls and dense as fuck. Really this guy is a better main character. Has a pretty tsundere little sister who cares about him. Yeah he deserved Miyako rejection for not be aware of the best girl. His sister.

Chihiro. This is a reverse trap. His brother is not aware that "he" is a she. So the motive appears to be that he knew that Itsuki was an Imouto lover. Yeah that means that he crossdress because he fears of his brother sexual interests, it's somehow creepy if you see like that. 

That blode girl that appears to be loli but is a milf. not to much to say since she appears like twenty minutes.

Editor Guy. He is a cool character indeed haha. He is going to help Miyako to be an editor but that happened in last episode so... that was it, and I don't think this is going at some point.

Itsuki's childhood friend. It's a girl that appeared in the opening but was revealed until last episode and in a flashback. It is an unreallistic character that has interest for some random kid just because she heard storys from her mother. She was Itsuki's personal hoe in a way. She was rejected by her crush and was hurt but genius Itsuki confessed to her at the same time and obviously got rejected. So stupid actions but that is what you got from a egocentric kid. Now maybe Itsuki got a nice guy syndrome and pretended to get a girlfrind just for treating her nice.


So the most important section is story next to characters, and they are pretty bad, the animation and sound indeed are important aspects but in a slice of life its weight in overall got reduced so here is what you wanna see

3/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall