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Alt title: Koe no Katachi Specials

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your name.

your name.

Mitsuha and Taki are two total strangers living completely different lives. But when Mitsuha makes a wish to leave her mountain town and for the bustling city of Tokyo, they become connected in a bizarre way. She dreams she is a boy living in Tokyo while Taki dreams he is a girl from a rural town he’s never been to. What does their newfound connection mean? And how will it bring them together?

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Jessiiiiiiy Jessiiiiiiy says...

The art style in both of them are pretty similar the plot talks about a boy and a girl who were far away from each other and what I mean by that is in the anime your name the boy and girl are far away from each other in distance the live far away from each other but then swap bodies but in la silent voice the two characters are far away from each other by the meaning of friendship but then start becoming closer