A Playthrough of a Certain Dude's VRMMO Life

Alt title: Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2023
3.327 out of 5 from 1,713 votes
Rank #10,009
A Playthrough of a Certain Dude's VRMMO Life

38-year-old Tanaka Daichi’s childhood dream of playing a VRMMO has finally come to life. As he creates his character, he decides to choose skills that are considered useless by others, since he has no interest in playing like a main character. Follow the adventures of Daichi as he strives to use his mismatched set of worthless skills to achieve his dream goal of simply being able to enjoy an alternate life in a virtual reality.

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Right, another VRMMO anime to add to the pile - straight to bottom that is. A Playthrough of a Certain Dude's VRMMO Life has a story straightforward enough that you can glean everything you need from the title alone. I just don't understand the VRMMO part. Sure, it's presented as a game but to what end? The writing doesn't take any real advantage of the fact that it's supposed to be happening in a game. The game elements are cosmetic at best and the NPCs are often more human than the supposed players. If you want to have a 38-year-old man suddenly become younger and do things he physically couldn't do before/anymore you could just write something like this as an isekai. Or just outright fantasy and scrap the self-insert main character. That is not to say that an isekai would be better but if you can’t be assed to write a fictional game even a bit like an actual game then why bother? Other than that, the story unsurprisingly has very little to offer. We just follow the main character in his pointless day-to-day gaming sessions. Which isn’t a bad idea per se but for whatever reason the main character wants to play an MMO alone and often actively avoids social interaction. Besides trying to be a loner for incomprehensible reasons he also “wants to play normally” and “doesn’t want to stand out”. Which means we get my favourite trope of picking “weak” skills which end up being really good and no one just knows how to use them. Because someone somewhere still thinks it’s even remotely believable that the most popular game ever with literally gazillions of players still has skills that people just haven’t figured out. In short, the main character straight out tries to dodge all interesting happenings in favour of a more boring story. At this point I believe it’s clear that the main character is an unrelatable wet blanket but it’s not like the rest of the cast is that much better. Actually, they might be, but since the leading character abhors the idea of interacting with someone more than a few times, we don’t really get to know. They just come and go, never interacting with the main character for more than a few sentences. The most prominent side character is an NPC who is apparently some sort of super cool™ growing AI who is the reason the game was made in the first place. She is introduced as being amazing and responsive unlike other NPCs but in reality all the NPCs are just as responsive. There’s quite literally no indication that they’re actually NPCs, they understand everything said to them and interact just like a person would. The growing AI reminds me of a quick tangent I want to make regarding the story. In-between the main character's “escapades” we get some scenes from outside the game where a board of directors(?), suits regardless, have some sort of clandestine meetings about the AI’s growth and how the main character is really interesting and prompting unforeseen effects in the AI. These are a weird contrast to the show’s otherwise relaxed themes and in the end have absolutely zero pay off. They probably will in the future but God willing they will not green light this for a second season. Others before me have criticized the animation and although it isn’t anything to write home about it’s far from the worst showings of even this season. It’s below average for sure but the bigger gripe I have is probably the uninspired art direction – the show just looks bland. And from what I’ve seen this is consistent with Maho Film’s previous projects so I guess I should have expected it. But credit where credit is due, the last episode had a fight with a large dragon that didn’t use a 3d model. Not that the fight was even remotely good but it’s always nice to see large monsters and whatnot done without 3dcg – especially in a low budget show like this. I’ll be honest and admit I don’t really remember much about the sound design in this which is very much due to its dullness. Like everything else production-wise in the show, it’s a sub-par performance. All in all, the show is uninspired and just outright boring. There’s no real direction in it and everything else is lackluster at best. This is without a doubt the worst VRMMO anime I've watched.


Damn this one is a hard sell if I have to be honest ^^ been keepin' up with the manga for a few years already and I am truly delighted with it! I have many chapters to catch up, but I know it'd be a blast as it was initially :) But will you like it... probably not... unless it scratches a certain specific itsh (or a few of those) for you! Now... let's get the 'ugly' first, the animation is oh well, lacking... to say the least - no arguments there! But, considering that, 6-7 eps in it's still not bad (not super bad...) No matter how fond I am of the Manga, considering it's a different medium - I can't just fanboy over it. The animation is indeed BAD! But... I've seen far worse in regards to combining many factor and not just animation, not that this is a saving grace, unfortunately! However, for most people I gues animation quality and characters will be the biggest gripes here... Let's look at the 'bad' now. Characters might indeed seem bland - what I remember from the manga though was better. Yup I know, it's only cons so far. But the overall vibe of the serries is actually well carried out - which is really delightful! This still brings the best memories of various MMOs I played way back, what could you do in them (back in the day <.<) the various playstyles, the community, the oddballs, the joy of trading, the adventure, the party shenanigans - all the damn good stuff ^^ If you were all about that 10-15 years ago, just give it a chance, Please :3 A side note here would be, if this gets a s2, I can't really hope for an improvement... but maybe stick to the source material - and you can't frikin' go wrong! And a sider note... I do hope they up the game in a s2 actually - I am indeed hopelessly optimistic for this one ^^ The 'good' hmmm. Gotta be honest folks, the good parts here are few and you gotta dig deep ^^ Very few people will be able to appreciate this! There are many better ones in regards to animation, story, setting, characters, worldbuilding etc. But let's be real, this is what it is... very niche experience, but trully delightful in said niche. Quite peculiar, but really rewarding if you warm-up to it. And last, but not least... extremely precious if it hits all the spots for you ^^ It does for me, but let's be real... it is far from a masterpiece or something remarkable. Alas... For what this is I desperately hope for a season 2! And I really don't care of the quality, this is how good the source is!

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