A place further than the Universe

Alt title: Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho

A place further than the Universe

A place further than the Universe Episode 11 - Bash the Drum Can

When the girls are testing a video connection to Japan for New Year's, a few of Hinata's "friends" come calling. Hinata begs off, but seems distracted for the rest of the day. Shirase decides to get to the bottom of things.

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AnnaSartin AnnaSartin says

Both are anime series about four fun-loving girls doing outdoor things. One is a cozy camp setting, the other is an adventurous trek across Antarctica!

TurkeyGami TurkeyGami says

Both very adventurous anime with CGDCT elements but a lot of warmth and heart to both. Enjoyable for their characters, and environments.

alp2va alp2va says

Recommended mostly due to similar ideas, presentation, and emotionality. The highlight of both shows, in my opinion, is how dedicated the characters feel in achieving their desires. The music and imagry in both also blend so well with the narrative that you can't help but get drawn in. The major difference is in the story. Laid-Back Camp is a slice-of-life mixed with real locations and tips for how to make your own camping trip. A Place Further than the Universe is much more narrative and character driven. But in the end, both are simply feel-good, lighthearted shows!

Encouragement of Climb

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Aoi's childhood dream of climbing the tallest mountains in the world was destroyed when the girl fell off a jungle gym, developing a crippling fear of heights in the process. Now in high school, the teen enjoys more mundane activities like knitting and sitting quietly, and has absolutely no interest in risking her life in the wilderness. But Aoi's sheltered...

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Both shows are about a group of girls discovering a new goal in life and pushing themselves to achieve what they thought was impossible. They also make for a great friendship story!

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lossidian lossidian says

If you liked either of these shows, specifically the aspects of coming to terms with life and what it throws at you, both shows excel strongly at this story aspect in a way other shows tend to barely miss.

Both stories heavily revolve around a past that's been left undealt with for a very long time, and then follows the main characters as they attempt to live with the consequences of it going on for so long unattended to, and because of this all the characters in both shows are pretty deeply given character in different ways.

However I would say they both throw their cards on the table at the end and show their strongest suits in the final 3 episodes of each show, so it can be kind of hard to get through the drag of the first 10 depending what kind of person you are, but both journeys are entirely worth it, and show you aspects of yourself you might not have known about prior.