A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Summer Specials

Alt title: Chiccha na Yuki Tsukai Sugar Tokubetsuhen

TV Special (2 eps)
3.499 out of 5 from 515 votes
Rank #5,956

One day, when Saga finds an old princess costume in the attic, she begins to reminisce about one of her escapades with the fairies four years earlier... With the traveling Hammond Theater group's play "The Bear Pianist" still fresh in everyone's minds, Saga's class excitedly prepares for their upcoming rendition of "The Princess and the Fairy". Despite having no clue as to what they are doing, Sugar, Pepper, and Salt are trying their best to help out - even if it means bothering Saga the entire time. With the fairies wanting to put on their own play, the stressed girl must not only keep track of the tiny troublemakers but she must also deal her rival, Greta, who is determined to outshine her as an actress. Can Saga juggle all of this while managing to make her classmates proud as she takes on the lead role in the play?

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This is a sweet follow up to A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Saga is back to share a story about a play she and her class put on with somewhat invisible assistance. Sugar, Salt, and Pepper become interested in the play because it's about fairies and humans and literally put themselves in the way for the majority of the story. Stressed out Saga still trying to live a somewhat normalized existence must now deal with the three fairies getting in not just her own hair but her classmates' as well. Of course her classmates can't see the trio so they think their play is cursed and start feeling like they shouldn't be doing it. Saga gets riled up and says some harsh things - to Sugar in particular. The fairies must reconcile with Saga before they can get the play back on track. Oh and let's never overlook Greta and her constant desire to try and put Saga down. Between trying to learn her lines, keeping the fairies and their enthusiasm invisible, working on costumes, sets, props, and all the details of a play Saga is one stressed-out girl. But hey stress is good and helps push us to perform better. The play must go and and so it does. While more time could have been spent on actually showing the play rather than the trouble behind what could have caused its cancellation these two episodes do provide more to the overall  anime and are worth watching. Since these OVA's are set 4 years after ep 24 recapping the relationship between Saga and the fairies and exploring an untold story is appealing. The last few lines should also bring a smile to even moderate fans of the series.

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