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2.8 out of 5 from 126 votes
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Alice, the youngest person ever to be sent into space, is the only survivor when her flight crashes back to earth. Not only is she the only survivor, but she learns that she has been mysteriously catapulted 30 years to the future, where a mysterious dictator known as Nero rules the world with and iron fist and has sent his soldiers to capture, or kill her.

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A.LI.CE. is a science-fiction 3D movie with promising scenario and characters. Unfortunately, its lame plot ruined it all. ART & SOUND SECTION: 5/10 [Boring and crude.] The machines are nicely made but everything else is made with a low budget, un-imaginary way. They are bearable but it takes willpower to stand them for 90 minutes. STORY SECTION: 7/10 [Not original but very good nonetheless.] The story involves hibernation chambers, rebellious machines, lifeless cities, cyborgs, time travel, a child bent on destroying the world for a grudge against its mother (no kidding), and more. A lovely mix of several all-time classic themes you would expect in a science-fiction movie. If only the plot hadn’t blown everything apart; it feels rushed and simplistic. CHARACTER SECTION: 7/10 [Every character has a personality and a personal way of life.] We have a rebel who is bent on saving mankind, a thief who lives only for himself, the weak-willed pop idol, the cyborg-chic with an attitude, the master of machines who wants to destroy the world… They laugh, they cry, they philosophize, they get angry and kill everyone… All of them would be memorable if the lack of time and budget weren’t there. VALUE SECTION: 1/10 [Keep away!] None! All the good parts in the movie are present at 1000 other series out there. ENJOYMENT SECTION: 5/10 [The thought of a remake is very enjoyable] Another one of those movies where you love the main idea but hate all the rest. They should really try to remake it sometime in the future and try to put more effort to it. It is worth the try. VERDICT: 5/10 The accused is found … GUILTY! … For failing to provide us with an interesting and complete work. SUGGESTION LIST Blue Gender. It also has hibernating people waking up in a disutopian world.

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