A Girl & Her Guard Dog

Alt title: Ojou to Banken-kun

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2023
2.877 out of 5 from 932 votes
Rank #16,351

Isaku never asked to be the daughter of a yakuza boss, but when her parents died in a car accident when she was 5, her gangster grandfather took her in and raised her as part of the clan. After years of being avoided by her schoolmates because of her family ties, Isaku is finally ready to make her high-school debut, live a normal life, and maybe even find love...until loyal family servant and Isaku's dedicated guardian, 26-year-old Keiya, enters high school right alongside her and vows to protect her from all of the above! Now she's got a chain-smoking, pistol-wielding knight-in-shining(?)-armor to deal with, and navigating high school besides? What's a young lady to do?!

Source: Kodansha

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A Girl & Her Guard Dog is the worst ongoing anime this season that I've watched. We're about halfway through, if not beyond that, the season and it is still meandering. There's been minimal development which feels even slower considering not much happens plotwise at all. I could tell as early as the trailers this one was going to be a flop, but I thought it'd at least be an entertaining guilty pleasure series...  But, unfortunately, the only thing motivating me to continue is to see how much worse it gets. And because it's fun to tear apart with friends <3  Starting with the story... To be honest, there isn't much of one. The anime follows our socially awkward and lonely orphaned protagonist, Isaku, who has no friends because people are scared of her yakuza daddies. :( Also, she's always been in love with her mom? dad? big brother? prospective boyfriend?  groomer, Keiya. Unfortunately, he's a manwhore and has her family-zoned. Ouch. It's pretty much slice of life with following her 'ordinary' life where things sort of happen. She makes friends (sort of), pines for Keiya (sort of) who starts liking her back (sort of). And given the yakuza premise some stuff related to that happens (sort of)...  To address the elephant in the room, this is indeed an age gap romance. And, yes, he did raise her from childhood to...young adolescence, which is where their romance starts blossoming. The anime caught a lot of flack for this which, honestly, makes sense. However, I will say it's pretty hypocritical to rag on this series when there are multiple that have done the same 'age gap' premise before it was even made (ala The Ancient Magus' Bride, Kamisama Kiss, Sacrificial Princess, and even Fruits Basket had a few). And I still plan on watching and/or reading most of those series. It's fiction 🤷‍♀️ Of course, that doesn’t mean feeling uncomfortable with the romance isn’t valid. It’s just worth noting that’s not really specifically the reason this anime sucks. If written and animated better, then maybe it would’ve been a fun quirky shoujo series to add to the list of classics alongside the ones I already named.  Now onto my favorite part of the series: the horrendous animation. My poor eyeballs... It wasn't even that good at first, but it progressively got worse as the series went on. I think it's literally the worst animation I've seen in an anime before. The dead fish eyes, the weirdly drawn lips, awkward body proportions... Onto the sound, which in itself is pretty forgettable. Didn't care much either for the OP or ED.  As for the characters... they're pretty awful. The protagonist has the personality of a wet blanket so she failed to endear herself to me. I don't outright hate her. But she's pretty cringe. Mid shoujo heroine. The ML is also super blegh. I'm honestly not sure if he's meant to be Mr. Gloomy McBroody or an energetic fun type or a cringe 'alpha male' because he flipflops between all of those 'types' at some point or another. I don't even recall any of the side characters' names. Poorly drawn, boring, and downright forgettable.  In summary, it's bad. Don't watch it if you can help it. 


This was one of the animes that my friends and I decided to watch together, and oh my goodness am I glad we did because A Girl & Her Guard Dog is one of the worst yet funniest animes I've ever seen. Basically, this is a pedophilic love story, between a girl and a guy who's ten years older than her, not the best premise to have. Mix this creepy age gap, with terrible animation and bad characters makes for a very uncomfortable, not very good anime. Okay firstly, I have to adress the age gap because that's the worst part about this anime. The girl, Isaku is a high schooler, while the over posessive guy, Keiya is twenty-six. This man raised Isaku since she was a child and now there is romance between the two? That's creepy. Secondly, the chemistry between the two isn't good, it feels almost as if they were two people acting out romance instead of actually liking each other. There isn't much communication between the two, Isaku holds most stuff back and Keiya, well, he just does whatever. The two of them don't have a flow to them. It's basically just Keiya having a smirk on his face the whole time while Isaku has a shocked expression. There's not much to it. What made it all worse is how Keiya would say pedophilic, creepy comments to Isaku that were supposed to be deemed as romantic and lovey, but were just flat out creepy.  There are a lot of shoujo animes with a large age gap, but with A Girl & Her Guard Dog, it directly focuses on the age gap which I think is what makes it creepiest. Keiya raised Isaku, along with this, the story takes place in a relatively realistic setting, so it just feels very uncomfy. There could be the argument that this is anime, so it doesn't matter, but to me personally, the age gap is what makes the anime really bad. There's a scene I have to address, and that's the fact that blonde, weird looking guy tried to do something to Isaku that is very, very bad. And this scene was handled absolutely terribly! After he tries this and thank goodness wasn't able to succeed he was barely punished because Isaku needs him for the play. Are you kidding me? That's absolutely ridiculous! I'd kick that guy right in the groin! But no, this anime acts as if what he tried to do was nothing of a big deal and that the play is more important. The next scene I have to talk about was how Keiya forced himself on Isaku, well at least tried to until she stopped him. That's not love, but they make it seem as if it's oh so romantic. It's creepy and bad of him to do. The point I'm trying to make with bringing up these two scenes is the fact that bad things happen to Isaku, but they're blown off as no big deal or romantic when they really should be something that they should be thrown in jail for. Now for the animation, to give it credit, there were some good animated parts, such as the opening, but oh my gosh the animation became terrible. It started off with the dead fish eyes, then with the stiff characters with odd looking porportions or facial expressions, and then it became a lot worse. What stands out the most to me was the animation starting episode six, where sometimes the characters would be speaking but not have any mouth movements, and then there was one moment where Isaku was laying on the bed, she turns to her side, her clothing completely changes and then she shifts movement again and her clothing changes once more. That's just one example, there's plenty more. The animation is not good. The story and characters aren't good, they're very, very bland. Not much happens in the story aside from a bit of progression with Isaku making friends and her and Keiya's relationship. I do like the aspect of Isaku trying to make friends, and how she struggles to do this because of who her grandfather is, and this had potentional, but it felt wasted and overtaken by her romance with Keiya. That's honestly about all there is to it. The characters don't have much to them aside from surface level personalities and Isaku's struggle that doesn't seem to have much emotional depth to it anyway. There is one fantastic thing about this anime though, and that's how funny it is. The interactions between characters and animation are so bad that it's funny to watch. It was so much fun watching this anime with friends and laughing together. In that sense it was really enjoyable. Therefore, I think A Girl & Her Guard Dog, is a really bad anime for many different reasons, as addressed above, but it's also entertaining since it's so bad. I personally think it's fun to laugh at and not take seriously. A lot of this depends on what I'm personally comfortable with though, but even setting aside how I personally feel, I don't think it's a quality anime. Therefore, would I practice my karate skills on all these characters? Absolutely


Probably the worst show I have seen thus far. A Girl and Her Guard Dog's animation is just bad. The animation is stiff and honestly uninspired. Like there's Isaku herself. She is meant to be drawn as being cute but her eyes get so far a part, it's amazing that they don't just fall off her face. She straight up looks like an alien that just dropped to the Earth and is poorly imitating a human. Not even going with Keiya's dead fish eyes and bland appearance. The proportions of the characters are sometimes off that it makes you wonder how anyone thought this was good enough to be shown to public! I would be more forgiving if the characters and story were at least good, but nothing eventful happens. Honestly find it irritating where you have shows where the characters are part of a Yakuza family, but that is more or less informed. You hardly see them doing anything illegal or making deals that really, they can just pass themselves as a normal family. Shows of that caliber hardly take advantage of that concept. If you think anything of note happens in the show, there is nothing eventful happening. The characters, again I can be forgiving for them being flat and underwhelming because, clearly with "romance shows" or whatnot, people tune in for that rather than quality of the animation (like take TenPuru; it was legitimately funny with likable characters). Here... you just don't feel anything for the characters. Not even getting into the mind-numbing events in episode 8 where Isaku's school was having a culture festival and she was cast as Juliet. After a messed up situation regarding a boy from another notorious clan, she's like "yeah, he threatened me, but he's supposed to play Romeo in the play." Like ARE YOU SERIOUS!? You get kidnapped (again) and all you care about is your stupid play when you can barely act to save your life!? So...yeah. A bad show. Probably in the ranking for the worst anime of 2023.

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