A Galaxy Next Door

Alt title: Otonari ni Ginga

TV (12 eps)
3.54 out of 5 from 1,877 votes
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Since his parents died, manga artist Ichiro has barely scraped by, forced to support his two younger siblings on just a middle school education. He doesn’t even have time to learn how to use a computer, which forces him to keep wrestling with pen and paper. When his art assistants quit to strike out on their own, on top of juggling deadlines, family, and the constant fear of losing his job, Ichiro feel close to a total breakdown. But then a new assistant pops into Ichiro’s life, and his prospects immediately start to brighten! She’s an incredible artist, she always finishes on time, and she’s beautiful, to boot! But she also seems to know an awful lot about him, and, soon, she makes a confession that bends Ichiro’s mind beyond the confines of Earth…

Source: Kodansha

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It feels like there's actually not much to say about this show, regardless of how long my review may or may not be. It's a classic family-centric romance with mild supernatural themes. My wife and I enjoyed watching it and easily watched through to the end, and in those days between episodes we were both easily able to recall what we were watching, which isn't always the case with those extremely mediocre shows that pop up every season. The biggest flaw I saw in the show was more what it lacked than what it contained, specifically in the animation quality.Using the fantastic romance "Horimiya" as an example, visually-evocative animation can provide the next level of emotional depth that shows like this really benifit from in order to be able stand out and impact the viewer deeply. This show tends to simply fall short of the quality it really needs to be anything beyond "generally enjoyable". Of course there are romance shows out there that can manage to capture their viewers regardless of low quality animation, but I would take the stance that since romance tends to be centered on characters, emotions and relationships rather than the actual story being told, the conveyance of those points need to be poignant.Outside of the romance genre, lower quality animation can be made up for via storytelling, worldbuilding and generally interesting concepts introduced to the viewer. A good example of this is Ascendance of a Bookworm, a show with visibly low-quality animation yet is so engaging that people love it and it's gotten several seasons, with a larger budget for better quality to boot.Those concepts and points aside, the characters in this show are generally enjoyable and it has an interesting enough premise, even though as I mentioned the focus is on the characters and relationships rather than the story itself. The younger brother tends to be an add-on to the younger sister, but with his age that's not too far off from how reality happens to be.Nothing crazy off or on about the sound, the op and ed are both fine.After everything, if you want to watch this I'd encourage you to do so, but if you are unsure you would be better off finding something else within the genre that really tugs those heartstrings.


𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐄𝐖  >>>  Story is about our who MC is a landlord taking care of his brother and sister, while working as a mangaka. Needs assistant and finds our FMC. FMC has a super natural secret, which i don't think should be considered a spoiler, but i will avoid mentioning here to be on the safe side. The romance stuff happens really fast. the rest is simple type show with some romance sprinkled in. I really thought I would like this show because I like relaxing anime where I can turn my brain off. But It just doesn't have enough charm in dialogue or characters, to keep the wholesome vibes up. The characters do have their own motivations. But they also kind of just start doing things randomly because the plot demands so. This show has two of the most random and dry confessions in all of anime history. It felt like they only confessed because the author wanted them to, so that they could move the plot forward. It felt like ticking a checkbox in a list, rather than two characters expressing their heartfelt feelings. The characters also lack any kind of depth. In fact, after four episodes, i still don't know much about any of the characters involved except for their stereotypical attributes. MC is the usual nice and shy guy. FMC is the sheltered innocent girl finally exploring the real world. MC's siblings are nice siblings with no distinguishing traits. There's other characters, who are just designs as of now, because i have yet to see them do anything significant except be background characters. This is watchable only if you can be patient and ignore all the plot holes. You also need to be ready for characters suddenly behaving different out of nowhere, just to move the plot forward.

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